towers of light memorial

damn the colin quinn show sucks some mighty smelly ass. ever since seinfeld left, nbc has been just reaching for anything to boost their ratings. eh well, hope they work it all eventually.

click for larger picon the way home I decided to stop by boulevard east in weehawken to take a gander of the towers of light memorial that went up this evening. I could actually see them very clearly driving home from work (roughly 20 miles away) and some friends of mine in new brunswick could see them easily as well. I was listening to ron and fez and people were calling up from 80 miles away saying they could see them as clear as day! I think it’s a very touching and poignant memorial to those that were lost and for those of us who miss seeing “something” there. it’s a shame that it is only up for another 31 days though. for those of you who can make a quick trip to manhattan or can make a nice weekend drive here, it’s quite an amazing site that should not be missed. I apologize for the piss poor quality of the picture, but my friend’s camera isn’t all too great. hopefully, i’ll get a chance to go into the city tomorrow to take some better pics provided it’s a clear night out. 🙂

participation positives time! (sorry it’s late)

  • finally getting my haircut tomorrow! 🙂
  • got to see the tower of lights on my drive home from work and my bedroom window. so good to see something there again.
  • found out the boss will be away for 2 WEEKS very soon!
  • found out I will be taking a trip to seattle in april to fix some servers! :yay:
  • we’re getting the tnn channel on our cable system! that means oodles and oodles of star trek: the next generation episodes!! (going out to buy hoards of vid tapes)
  • set up my own return to castle wolfenstein server on my linux box. 😀
  • received a belated birthday postcard from one of the sales people in oklahoma today…

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I can see the lights from my house too. but it looks like it’s cloudy so they look like a ufo! heh. I plan to go to jersey city sometime to get a closer look. Dara

Thanks for posting the pic.. I hope to get a view for myself when I’m in Edison at the end of the month, though, there may be some driving involved with that.

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