work, work, work…

not too much to post up this week as work has very busy for me now.

a ton of new people got hired which means my ass has to set up new machines, accounts, yadda, yadda, yadda… (hehe, that was such a great Seinfeld episode) thus the personal life has taken a back seat. however, I find myself playing wolfenstein a hell of a lot more on-line. if you’ve got the game and haven’t played it on-line, it’s quite sweet. it’s not your typical deathmatch where ya go around blowing each other to red pulpy chunks. instead, it’s very team oriented and each side has specific objectives to complete to win the game within a certain amount of time. it’s one of those games where one person can not win it for the team (like in the Quake series) which is a good thing. if you are ever on-line and see [midget]ALBINO on, gimme a holla and don’t kill me. 🙂

as for site updates, I fixed a rather embarrassing bug where if the referrer name was too big it would push the entire page to the right. instead if the name is very long, it’ll chop it up and add a “…” to the end of it. I also added five new jokes to my funnies collection that I received from lots of friends. I also noticed (as you can tell I barely look at this site) that mark was not showing up on my list of dailies like it is on my development site (the one I actually look at often). I fixed whatever caused that and he shows up on my list. for those of ya wondering why I have this other development site, it’s a habit I picked up from my years of developing web sites. I do all of my work on the dev and when I am satisfied that everything works well, I just copy over the changed files to the live website and it’s all good. 🙂 that way if there is a huge problem, I do not mess up the live site.

ooh! thanks to hannah, kelly and lydia for their kind entries in my guestbook. of course like she has in the past hannah’s entry put a big ol’ smile on my face… 🙂

…back to work!