finally some site updates!

participation positives

  • had a very relaxing weekend away with devina
  • finally pushed out all of the new site updates
  • meeting a few of my on-line friends this week for the first time
  • finally beat castle wolfenstein and started playing it on-line (though that can be a negative as I am now completely addicted to it… :lol:)
  • finally getting my haircut so that I won’t look like david hasslehoff anymore… 😉

i changed a few things around here in case you have not noticed.

i finally gave in and built my own referrer script so now I can check out who’s linking me. it looks like I owe julia a big ol’ danke because she’s the top referrer so far (it started keeping track last wednesday) 😀 I also updated the bio section, (now called about dave) as well as fixed some horrendous grammatical errors on my site page. up above I added crashy’s website to my list of dailies since i’ve been reading her for like the past two weeks or so. she’s a very cool person indeed who writes her own music (which is pretty damn good IMHO) and is probably the first woman I have heard of who is not afraid of spiders. why not check her out? ooh! she just signed my guestbook too! sweeeeeeet. 🙂

i’d also like to thank shane for his rather cryptic guestbook entry. definitely a cool site to check out though…

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“This is David Hasselhoff. Please you understand, for your information, Baywatch, my friends, is the number one show in the universe… for me to poop on!” Triumph, the insult comic dog (Said with a thick German accent).

Triumph could be seen on the Conan O’Brien show. Here’s the clip of him busting on David Hasselhoff.

That’s so cool, that referrer script! I used to have one running on my old host that would tell me, but since I switched, I don’t have the referrer addresses anymore. =*( I used to check those a lot! Great idea. 😉

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