vacations and head sex

    friday five baby!

  • what’s your favorite vacation spot? well, I have only been on a few real vacations in my life. a couple of times to honduras to visit family, several times to orlando to see my friend tasha and lately i’ve been relaxing alot in philly, so I consider that a vacation spot even though it really isn’t. i’d still consider philly my fav vacation spot.
  • where do you consider to be the biggest hell-hole on earth? orlando, florida. I have never seen so many piss poor drivers and incredibly stupid people in one location in my life. the only reason I go there is to visit my friend tasha and she knows how much I hate it there… hehe
  • what would be your dream vacation? well, I’m supposed to go to vegas later this year, but my dream vacation would be staying in japan for a good while.
  • if you could go on a road-trip with anyone, who would it be and why? hmmm… i’d haveta say my friend karen. I just have way too much fun with her and that sicko (:grin:) likes driving just as much as I do. she also just bought a new eclipse, so we’d be stylin’ wherever we decided to drive to.
  • what are your plans for this weekend? chillin’ with devina since I haven’t seen her since last saturday. I think i’ll take her to the liberty science center since she loves that place. later that night, perhaps we’ll chill in the city at a lounge or something. does anyone recommend any good quiet lounges where two people can just sit and chat while imbibing good vodka martinis (me) and cosmopolitans?

oh I just had to answer these two topics blog posts erin put up. 😀

  • when you meet someone of the opposite sex/sex you are attracted to, do you immediately evaluate them on whether or not you could imagine sleeping with them?

    let me tell you something about guys…

    even if we are not totally attracted to you, in our mind you have been stripped nekkid and we have done the deed with you within 2 (perhaps 1 if you are wearing less. :lmao:) minutes of our meeting each other. don’t let any guy tell ya different, they’re just lying to you to get on your good side 😉 😆

    …i am not kidding.

  • could you ever date someone who was ten or more years older (or younger) than you?

    why not? I firmly believe that age is a matter of the mind. i’ve been with women 20 years my senior in the past and it was no different than being with someone my own age (except the older women didn’t play any silly games and they had their lives straight). I have to admit though that I have not dated anyone more than 2 years younger than me… dave likes ’em older… 😉

    if you’re older and have the energy to keep up with a younger mate then have a ball. if you’re younger and are mature enough to handle being with someone older then go for it. who cares about age?


you know I have no clue I could illicit such a strong response from someone about a comment I made on their website. so lynne has a very cool new layout up, but I had a problem with something that I guess I should have made private. on her site it says that you need a minimum of 800×600 to view it and that 1024×768 is preferred, which is cool. however, I had to scroll a little sideways (i use a 1152×864 resolution) to get to the rest of the site which of course is no biggie either… so, I mention in her shoutbox that perhaps there should be a blurb about having to scroll to get to the rest of the site instead of writing that 1024×768 is preferred, since it is misleading. I mean if you require or prefer a specific resolution you stick to it, right? even on personal sites that have the sideways scroll, a good 90% of them say you haveta scroll even though it’s always obvious you have to. it wasn’t insulting and in no way was I saying anything harmful about her design or site. does anyone out there see my comments as insulting? I have given my opinions numerous times in the past when she’s had questions about a layout she’s working on and I have asked her even more times for help. I know she has exponentially better talent than I do graphics-wise. hell, she even does most of my layouts because I suck so much at it! 🙂

so, I am done with work today and I go her site today to see if there are any updates because we haven’t chatted on-line in a very long time. then to my surprise, I see that she’s pretty much called me an idiot!! well actually:

No one else complained about it. It seems to me, that you were the only one who had problems with it. For gods sakes.. anyone with a brain would know to look down to see if there are arrows indicating that it is probably is a good idea to scroll to the side.

jeez girl…

all I am guilty of is what we both always do with each other and that is to constructively criticize our designs… I just happened to place my comment in her shoutbox (hmmph, i’ll never do that again!) instead of an IM window and she takes it like I am calling her a horrible designer or something. look lynne, I don’t see how this was so blown out of proportion and I did not make any insulting comments. as a matter of fact, i have yet to see a web designer who is better than you. it doesn’t matter if you were in a bad mood or tired or whatever… if you have to berate me, at least have the common decency to make it private and yell at me over an IM or in an e-mail message…

that’s what 4 years of a close friendship gets ya. :-/

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I would have to agree with you that guys already undress you with their eyes once they meet you in person. Just check out how the eyes go from top to bottom next time a girl meets a new guy. Not many guys will admit to such behavior but it happens. I think us girls check out guys almost immediately if the guy is hot or not too. I think it’s just a basic human instinct.

As far as lounges are concerned, try going to The Church Lounge, Divine Lounge, MercBar, Bubble Lounge, or Angel’s Share. Check out New York’s Citysearch Best of List.

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