paranoid sys admins are cool

here’s a security alert for those of ya running or using php on your servers:

CERT PHP upload vulnerability

it only affects those that use php pages to upload stuff (ie: like the photo gallery software above that I [and others] use) to their websites. until a patch is out, be careful about who you allow to upload stuff on your website if it is php-based. if I am hosting your photo gallery, then don’t worry as my machine’s already been patched up… 😀 yes, I’m a good sysadmin… where’s my doughnut?? 🙂

however, for those of you being hosted and running php pages, I suggest you send out an e-mail to your tech support folks seeing if their version of php has been patched. unfortunately because this is a new advisory, there are very few patches available at the moment for most flavors on UNIX or Linux. please feel free to send them that link above in case they have not heard about it yet (not all sys admins are as paranoid as I am).

there, now that I got my good deed done for the day out of the way…

here are some ironic inventions I heard on the radio during my morning commute.

  1. dr. charles drew was credited with the invention of the blood bank when he found out that blood plasma kept much longer than whole blood. he eventually became the first director of the red cross’ system of blood banks which was cool as hell. however, he shortly resigned (rightly so) after the US war department issued a directive that “white donor” blood should never be mixed with those from “black donors”.

    after a bad car accident, he was not allowed a blood transfusion from a blood bank because it was part of a “white-only” hospital. when he was finally brought to a “mixed-race” hospital, his injuries were so severe that he died. it should be noted however, that this part of his story is thought of as a myth and has never been proven nor disproved.

  2. alfred nobel was the inventor of dynamite and many other explosives, as well as creating the companies that later became Hoechst, Bayer and BASF, DuPont and ICI. he is now most notably known for 5 prizes that carry his namesake in peace, chemistry, physics, medicine and literature which are given out every year to worthy recipients.

    apparently, he was so distraught at the fact that his invention of dynamite made him out to be some type of “promoter for war”, his final wish was to give out awards to those that “have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind”.

yeah yeah I know the last couple of posts haven’t been too personal, but I can’t write about myself every time eh?? 😉

a couple of topics blog tidbits… 🙂

  • Have you ever been to a strip club? If so, describe the atmosphere. Did it feel sleazy or like good, clean (half-naked) fun?

    actually, I have only been to one strip club with an ex girlfriend (i won’t mention her name) and I hated every minute of it. personally women stripping does absolutely nothing for me (yes, you can ask my friends and they will attest to this) but we just wanted to go to see what it was all about. so we went to this place called frank’s chicken house somewhere in bumblef*ck new jersey. once we went in, it pretty much felt like a super sleazy shack. there were tons of white high school kids and really old white guys watching some rather unattractive ladies jiggle their goods. actually, there were two attractive women there, but the rest were, ummm… rather skanky to be honest.

    so anyway, we’re in there and we sit towards the middle of the stage and all of a sudden every single guy started staring at my girlfriend! they weren’t good stares either, these were the “what the hell are you doing here” type of stares. I mean there’s a woman’s vagina being waved around just a mere three inches from your face and you’re staring at my girl?!?! after about 5 minutes of this crap we just got up and left there completely disappointed. never again…

  • What do you think when you see a homeless person begging by the side of the road? Mixed feelings of charity and disgust?

    well, living in an urban area and so close to new york, I see homeless people at least once any given day. if I see a homeless person in the street begging for money, most of the time I will do nothing. if they are asking for food and I have some money on me, I will have no problem buying them a pizza slice or a burger or something to get into their stomachs. there’s been a few times in the past when I was living off-campus during my stay at rutgers when I was starving and had no $$$ on me. I know how it feels to be broke and hungry, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    as for those begging for money, I have seen too many homeless just run into a store to get some liquor or run down the block to score some weed or drugs with the money they receive to give it out anymore. i’ll happily get you a bite to eat, a cool drink, a cup of warm coffee or a taxi cab to a warm homeless shelter, but I have a big problem with handing you my money. call me a schmuck, but I do not like giving anyone money to spend on something I did not intend for it to be spent on.

    it always bothers me seeing someone who’s down and out on the streets because no one is meant to be living on other’s garbage and pity. however, it bothers me most that our society allows this to happen… actually, our society is pretty fucked up to begin with, I can’t blame that. it’s sad that humanity allows those that are down on their luck to be living in such an inhumane and degrading fashion. it’s such a sad state of a world that can allow it’s own kind to exist in this manner.

    i just hope that at some point in the future no one is going to know what it feels like to look someone in the eye asking you for a little help and deny them…

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Hey I think I did notice the PHP problem that day cause I was trying to access a yahoo photo album and kept getting all sorts of error messages talking about going to a restricted area. It’s nice to know that I have a geeky friend I can rely on for computer info. Where would I be without you in the computer world?

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