emancipation proclamation vs wet cigars

here’s something that I heard on the radio as I was driving home from work tonight..

in a survey done by ABC television a while ago about presidents, abraham lincoln was voted the greatest president ever. while I like senor slim and tall, I tend to lean more towards franklin d roosevelt simply because he was more of a bad ass. anyone that can be pres-o-dent for more than two terms has got to be tops in my book. either way, here is the really interesting part of this poll:

among the younger white population, abraham lincoln was numero uno (or “one” for you really white folk)

among the older crowd, the bad ass franklin d roosevelt got their dentures flapping in the wind.

among the black population, bill “mr. smoke-my-cigar-baby” clinton was the fave.

granted clinton was just way too cool in my book, am I the only one that finds this oddly ironic?? correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t lincoln’s efforts during his short-lived presidency help pave the way for the abolishment of slavery?? hmmm, eh well.

time for bed. 🙂

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billy c, best president ever? abey linc, left in dust by the afro americans? okay, this isn’t making any sense.

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