I hate mondays, I really do!

ugh, this is turning out to be one bad bad day…

— geeky tech talk today, disregard if ya like
yesterday I got a call from my boss regarding her getting hammered with calls about stuff not working right with our servers. so, I had to come into work because no one could access their e-mail and other applications from our lovely neck of the woods. I come in, check everything out and all is working picture perfect so I start working on other stuff since no one is around. I then call up the boss to let her know all is tip top here and she still insists that she can not access stuff. so, like any other able bodied network administrator I slyly shift the blame elsewhere. 😉

if you all know your basic networking, all machine need an ip address. since humans are too stupid to remember a bunch of numbers (for instance, this website is, we bind these ip addresses to names (like this one, lascivious.org) we can easily remember such as yahoo.com, ebay.com, myhottastylover.com, yadda, yadda, yadda. so I opened up the firewall to pings and started pinging the machines to see if I got responses via the domain names. sometimes I got responses and most of the time not. sooo… I pinged the actual ip addresses and I got through nice and clear every single time.


there we go, I proved it to myself… it’s not my fault and it’s not anything that I did to the servers… dns seems to be shitting on itself. now granted it doesn’t happen much, it does happen somewhere in the world o’ the net. someone mistypes an entry, people dig in the wrong areas and hit wires, or kids dig up cables and use them for jump ropes, who knows why, but connections get severed. so I let my boss know that all this crap-o-la was most likely due to dns and those problems usually clear up immediately. we let it go, I get back in my car, go home and wouldn’t ya know it. I could get into the sites no problem. 😀

…fast forward about 12 hours

i get to work and see my boss busily working on the server and she tells me that no one can still access the web. obviously she’s frustrated and pissed because she thought I lied to her, so I show her exactly what I did to come to my conclusions last night. after a basic lesson on dns and networking I show her exactly what I did and she sees for herself that the domain names are not translating and failing. thus… dns (or so I thought) was the issue. we then call up AT and T because they are our hosting and dns providers and talk to them trying to figure out where the problem lies. after about a half hour of poking and prodding on both our ends, they decide to bring their dns providers into the picture. immediately after hearing our problem, the gentleman on the other line ran a WHOIS on our domain name and guess what?? the one thing that I completely forgot to check happened… our freagin’ domain name expired!!! after an all around D’OH!, I immediately called up network solutions and re-registered for another nine years… hell, this ain’t happening again when I am in charge!

it also turns out the domain name renewal forms got thrown away too… go figure eh?? 😆 oh what a morning I am having…

oh what an utterly sweet and kind gesture! gia made this way cool link button for me. 🙂 you are such a sweetheart! :muah: you just made my day. 🙂

😆 for those of you that are bored @ work, ya definitely gotta check this out

granted there aren’t too many this week, here’s my participation positives

  • having dinner with kim this thursday
  • found a good use for my recent domain name (demur.org) purchase. =)
:sniff: :sniff: R.I.P. chuck jones, i’ll miss you dearly

hope jim henson, mel blanc and yourself are making everyone laugh as much as you made me laugh wherever you are

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Nice geeky tech talk. I’m sure many people out there didn’t know the specifics of DNS and all that other stuff. Very educational! Kudos for explaining such nebulous concepts.

i am SOO glad you liked it.. I was just soo bored and I also got inspired with that one song.. and voila.. -hug-

hope you’ll have a good day soon! 🙂

and the button is nice too.. gia is really a sweetheart, she even made me a button for the second time for my new domain and yeah I think she’s trying to test her being a graphic artist. 🙂

take care. 🙂

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