friday five, the birthday edition

    friday five baby!

  • hey, baby, what’s your sign? do you think it fits you pretty well? I’m an aquarius. from what I gather I pretty much fit the mold, but I never really believed in that stuff in the first place. it’s all hogwash to me because I don’t agree with the fact that the time you are born has anything to do with how your life turns out. you make do with what ya got I always say…
  • what’s the worst birthday gift you’ve ever received? hmmm… can’t actually think of it at the moment, but I did forget my own birthday one year if that counts as something bad… 😆
  • what’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever received? well, the best birthday I ever had was when my ex steph threw me a surprise birthday party and a whole mess of people were there. we all celebrated, got trashed and I even played my guitar a few times for everyone. she didn’t do a great job of keeping it a secret from me (tee hee), but it was the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever given me.
  • what’s the best way you’ve celebrated your birthday thus far? look above.
  • what are your plans for this weekend? I have absolutely no clue. most likely spending tomorrow with devina. sunday is always open for me… perhaps I will finally drive out west jersey to see my on-line friend nina who I have been promising to hang out with for months.

  — 3:30pm EST —
time for the bi-weekly security patch updates on this server so it may be on and off for the next hour or so. it’s amazing how many freagin’ patches the shell out every week because their stuff is so full of security holes! 🙁

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man, I always forget to do the friday five. what a jerk. anyway, I see you’ve put back a few entries for the main page instead of just having one. 🙂 …otherwise I probably wouldn’t have read this entry … I woulda forgot about it – but that’s just me :-p

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