time for the positives… :)

participation positives

  • the boss is out today and tomorrow!!! wooooooooo!
  • having dinner with my ex-roomie shell thursday. :drool:
  • may have dinner with my friend kim this week too. :rowr:
  • got return to castle wolfenstein from my brother
  • getting my haircut finally!

new cd today too! 🙂 almost trance-y but not as clubby… for relaxing… lemme know whatcha think.

name: the dubeliscious groove

  • alice deejay – better off alone (original mix)
  • crystal method – the dubeliscious groove
  • delerium (featuring sarah mclaughlin) – silence (sanctuary remix)
  • dj tiesto – flight 643
  • faithless – addictive
  • massive attack – unfinished symphony
  • moby – porcelain
  • orbital – halcyon and on and on
  • robert miles – children
  • sonique – that’s what makes me high
  • planet funk – chase the sun
  • orbital – the saint

oh yeah…. dave’s bored at work… made two more cd mixes.. 😆 both 80’s mixes of course. 🙂 I really should get all of my mixes up on here. perhaps that’s what I will do tomorrow. 🙂

name: back when alf was hot

  • prince – raspberry beret
  • cyndi lauper – time after time
  • belinda carlisle – mad about you
  • duran duran – the reflex
  • bananarama – cruel summer
  • the clash – rock the casbah
  • yes – owner of a lonely heart
  • huey lewis and the news – if ths is it
  • level 42 – something about you
  • phil collins – sussudio
  • hall and oates – private eyes
  • europe – final countdown
  • robert palmer – I didn’t mean to turn you on
  • breathe – hands to heaven
  • michael jackson – human nature
  • the breakfast club – right on track
  • boy george and the culture club – church of the poisoned mind
  • til tuesday – voices carry
  • george michael – one more try

name: ronnie regan was the bomb

  • simply red – holding back the years
  • sophie b hawkins – as I lay me down
  • the bangles – manic monday
  • tears for fears – everybody wants to rule the world
  • poison – fallen angel
  • human league – human
  • boy george and the culture club – karma chameleon
  • bon jovi – livin’ on a prayer
  • prince – let’s go crazy
  • thompson twins – hold me now
  • alannah myles – black velvet
  • a-ha – take on me
  • dire straits – romeo and juliet
  • michael jackson – billie jean
  • billy idol – white wedding
  • crowded house – don’t dream it’s over

ok… enough cd’s for today… just about time for me to get ready to go home now. 🙂

— later on in the day

oh my dear lord… after watching what the lovely latex-wearing janet jackson just did to that amazingly lucky guy on her concert special from hawaii I have a completely newfound respect for her! I never knew she could get so raunchy!!

*dreamy sigh*


— even later on in the day

holy shit!

i got accepted as a contributor on the topics blog! *big ass grin* I didn’t even know about it until I checked the website to see how we get notified. lo’ and behold, I am at the very bottom of the list as a new addition… wooo!

hmmm… gotta figure out how to add stuff now. need to make a mental note about contacting them now. yippie!

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okay, I saw your post and then not a few hours later I saw ALF on a 10-10-220 commercial. I kid you not! I haven’t given a thought to Alf in at least a decade, and then twice in the same day! I just had to share. *g*

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