what a lovely birthday weekend

what a fun and relaxing weekend this was… 🙂

my brother wound up getting me return to castle wolfenstein and man is it addicting. it’s even got a halfway decent single player plot! 🙂 i’ve been playing it ever since I got back and finished setting up the new speakers I got myself at the computer show this weekend. oh man, it just bring back sooo many memories of playing the original castle wolfenstein and doom at my old job during the summers at rutgers. see, back when I used to be a lowly computer aide at the computer center during the summer breaks, our manager kicked everyone out of one of the training rooms so that a few of us could play castle wolfenstein undisturbed. 🙂 eventually, it became a weekly thing and then we started playing doom. at that point it just took off and we played it a few times a week all having a blast. it stopped of course once I became manager since I had a different staff to overlook and it wasn’t as “lenient”. as time went on, the staff changed and I brought back the old tradition, but this time with my all time favorite game quake 🙂 during that summer we had pretty much played every single night till like 4am and we had blown it up to about 6-8 regular people that played all the time… we’d bring in beer, watch movies, eat calzones, and frag each other to bits… eventually, we started up a clan (ummm, not what you think) and played people from all over the us of a. I think it was called Clan Dark and we’d always play against people in berkeley for some odd reason… sadly though, the gaming stopped once one of our servers got hacked and they found out what we were doing there at night… 🙁 ahh, those were the days.

usually, I don’t really celebrate my birthday nor do I receive gifts (mostly from girlfriends and some friends if anything) from anyone. actually, I don’t really ever let it be known that it is my birthday and I don’t know why to be honest. i’ll just get my usual call in the morning from my mom where she sings her rendition of happy birthday that only another hispanic person could appreciate. ya know the span-glaise version of happy birthday where it just becomes the spanish version when they realize they just can’t pull it off correctly…. hehe… “happy beerthday to jew” is what it usually comes out as. it’s cute and I totally appreciate it, though I wish I could fake a spanish accent so that when I am a dad, I could sing it to my kids in the same fashion. it’s like a rite of passage almost. if my mom’s still alive, you better damn well know I’m calling her up to sing to my kids… 😀 no latino kid should ever be deprived of those vocal stylings. 🙂

as for the gifts received, I got a night out in new york at the red eye grill and also a very lovely ralph lauren wool overcoat from devina. if anyone out there is interested, I could see how the restaurant is sorta popular, but I wasn’t impressed at all with it. the food was just so-so, the service was shitty and horrifically slow, and they seat ya in there like sardines in a can (anything to get more money). I guess it was because this was on a saturday night, but I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone. of course I thanked devina and told her that I loved the place because I know she put alot of though into picking this place out. if I had said anything negative then it may have ruined the night for her and I know she wanted to make it a good night for me. other than the restaurant, it was definitely a kick ass time in the city so I am happy nonetheless… 🙂 dad wound up getting me some boxers and my mom gave me a few pairs of jeans. my sis got me a kick ass pair of shoes that I have actually no clue what to wear them with. i’ll haveta bring al into this to help me figure out what I can wear these shoes with. 🙂 al’s got an impeccable sense of style and fashion (as anyone of my friends can firmly attest to), so I always ask him for his opinion on stuff relating to clothing. of course al is prolly reading this and I just inflated his ego way too much… hehe… ya bastard! 😉

i also got some gifts for myself too… 🙂 I got myself those super sweet speakers, another dvd-rom for the other puter in the house and a graphics card for devina so that she doesn’t complain about the sims being too slow. I also registered demur.org (demur means to voice an opposition or to object) for myself and danadelany.net for devina because she wanted her own domain to learn how to code in asp and sql (heh heh heh, my corruption is complete… :wink:). if I am correct dana delany is that hottie nurse in the animaniacs who always gets’s the “helllllooooooooooo nurse” from the boys.


that’s funny how cartoon characters can be hot eh? is this only a guy thing?? personally I find jessica rabbit to be one of the hottest cartoon ladies of all time. the blonde cartoon in the white dress from cool world too… damn!!!! :lmao:

i need help… 😆

well, that’s it… my ass is gonna play some more wolfenstein… 🙂

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Yeah that Al is the bomb diggity…mmm mmm mmm, boy is fine at dressing up. Ladies ladies ladies, al is in the hissuh!

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