green eggs and ham I say!

    friday five baby!

  • what was the first thing you ever cooked? hmmm, I don’t seem to remember back that far but if I were to venture a guess I would have to say spaghetti for my parents. that’s my earliest memory of cooking and I was 5 back then.
  • what’s your signature dish? hmmm, everyone seems to enjoy what I call my “eggplant” thing. ada has aptly called it eggplant in a tomato relish (or it could be called a curry), I like the sound of that! 😆 I would say it’s a chunky vegetarian sauce that you have on a bed of rice. I’m sure when any of my friends see this, they could elaborate further on what exactly it could be called… hehe.
  • ever had a cooking disaster? (tasted like crap, didn’t work, etc.) describe. I tried to make a tortilla de platano (plaintain omelette for ya non-latino folk) last year for devina and I put too much platanos in without enough eggs and it became the most toughest omelette I have ever made in my life. needless to say I haven’t tried it again since… 🙁
  • if skill and money were no object, what would make for your dream meal? if money were no object I would throw a full-course japanese dinner party for all of my close friends.
  • what are you doing this weekend? spending my weekend with devina down in south jersey celebrating my birthday. I will also be attending the computer show saturday morning at raritan center in edison if anyone would like to join me in all my geeky glory. 🙂

ahhh yes, another friday and another end of the week.

i’ve been reading up on the topic blogs and have decided to try out to be one of their contributors. it really is an excellent idea giving others topics to blog about for those of us who are usually stuck in a rut. check out the sample questions I included with my application. I think they are pretty thought provoking, what do you think?

  • Do you believe in the notion of a soul mate or is it something created by hopeless romantics who will be doomed to loneliness in their lives passing up very suitable mates whom they did not see fit as a soul mate for whatever reason.
  • Granted most everyone does not like stereotypes, there is sometimes a grain of truth to some. Being completely honest, do you feel that you fit into some of the more generic stereotypes for your race, gender or sexual preference or is it all just baloney in your eyes.
  • Suppose your child asks you, “what is love?” How would you define something that essentially is rather undefinable if you really think about it.
  • With the state of affairs after the terrorist attacks and knowing humanity’s past, (both the best and worst of historically) do you believe that we are eventually doomed to destroy ourselves and our world? If not, do you foresee humanity abolishing sickness, poverty, the need for money and only living to better ourselves and others through peace? How do you think we would reach that level of existence?
  • Given only one wish to shape the world today in any way that you see fit, what would it be? Be extremely careful with your wish and consider the consequences. For example, if your sole wish is to get rid of disease, then how will you deal with the sudden overpopulation of the world and the problems that will cause?

well, that’s it for me today… tonight I will be on-line for a short while (while devina’s @ work) from my hotel room. it has high speed internet access, now how could I pass that up!?!?! I will chattin’ on yahoo with my web cam so shoot me a message if yer bored. 🙂

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U’r right, those are some pretty tough questions, good luck on that…….and dont’ chat for too long tonight. ;D. Well Im off to finish my essay! :-/

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