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click for larger picwell, first off happy valentine’s day to everyone out there, even if you do follow it or not. personally I have always viewed it as just another day and not this big huge event that companies like hallmark and 1-800-flowers makes it out to be. see, if I love someone, I let them know every single day in my own way. I don’t need 24 hours in a year to prove how much I care for my friends and significant other… I try do it all 8760 (or 8761 if it’s a leap year :wink:) hours of the year.

either way, there are several meanings for this day and this society seems to carry on that original tradition of love and romance. devina was a sweetheart and got me this very lovely bouquet of flowers sent to my job, so it was a pleasant surprise when I walked in and saw these.

for those of you wondering, yes I did do something a little nice for her because she’d kill me otherwise (prolly will too, she’s a belt away from a black one in karate :lol:)… I wound up sending her some roses, a stuffed bear and some chocolates to her job which she seems to enjoy a great deal. so that’s that… the holiday is officially over now in my book and on to the rest of my life.

i also forgot to mention that both vic and lynne have sweet new layouts up, check them out and send them some love. 🙂

here’s some topics from the topics post:

  • do you believe you should only be sexual with people you are in a relationship with/in love with, or do you separate physical activity from emotional activity? do you feel that your viewpoint has a lot to do with your gender or that it opposes the typical gender stereotypes?

    in a perfect world then perhaps people may only have sexual relations with their mates. however we are not in a perfect world and humans are no way near perfect (and I really doubt that will ever happen). now because of this I firmly believe that you do not have to be in love to have sex with someone. of course it could be that men are pretty much bred to separate the physical from the emotional when it comes to those matters. I don’t know why, blame genetics, blame the environment, blame the media, blame the social views we seem to restrict ourselves with, blame cosmopolitan or even better, blame martha stewart.

    however, I have also befriended many a member of the opposite sex who can sleep with someone at the drop of a hat and to be honest, I have much more respect for them. if you enjoy something, do it (safely of course)… that’s been my philosophy since day one. does the fact that men can “get around” so easily without remorse have anything to do with gender? sucks to say it, but I believe so.

    now, because I can separate the physical from the emotional, it doesn’t mean the sex is better. i’ll freely admit that sex with the person I love is so much more incredible than sex with a complete stranger or someone I don’t really care about in that way. there’s just something about being intimate with the one you love that can not compare with anything else in this world…

  • do you work to live, or live to work? as in, do you make enough money to get by and exist, or do you like your job, make your money to pay bills and have some fun with, and it’s all hunky dory.

    when I was in college I would have to say that I worked to live… living on your own in college can be a very expensive and trying thing so work was definitely important. now that I have a job that I love and pays fairly well, it’s a whole different story. let me tell ya, once ya find something to do that ya love everything just turns out so much better. 🙂

  • how do you feel about couples that met on the internet?

    well, that’s how devina and I met. so i’ll let you figure out how I feel about that… funny what one random IM can lead to.. 🙂

    if you are careful and take things lightly then I believe anyone can meet someone on-line. with more than a few billion people on this big ol’ planet we live on, it’s a damn shame that we choose to live our lives with people that we meet in our general region. the beauty of the net and on-line relationships is that you greatly open up your pool of potential mates that never existed before (unless you travel a great deal). I try to encourage anyone that is curious to try it out… ya only live once right??

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