1.21 gigawatts!! great scott!

Quick post today… 🙂

Yes, my life is now complete! The back to the future trilogy is coming out soon on dvd!!! 🙂 Oh joy of joys!!! I was never too crazy about the third one, but I went to see it with my dad on christmas day when it came out. I remember it pretty clearly because we had gone to see eddie murphy’s raw (we’re both huge eddie murphy fans) and afterwards we snuck into back to the future 3. yeah I know, shameful… But it’s funny eh?? My dad sneaking me into a movie… *giggle*

If you noticed on the side I have decided to jump on the song listening bandwagon and include a “song of the moment”… however, I have included one slight twist. If you click on the artist, it runs a search on google and if you click on the song title, it runs a search on mp3.box.sk for the whole song… 😉 Neat eh?? I figure if someone wants to hear what I am listening to, why not allow them to hear what it sounds like right?

Hmmmm ok… If you look at the guest book entry some butt-munch decided to leave a nice entry to me. i’ll keep it there to show his/her stupidity.

oh my god!

could it be?

a normal healthy testosterone-filled latino male has some nekkid pics of some woman saved somewhere??? oh for shame! what has the world come to?! oh lawdy lawd, oh lawdy lawd… might as well lock his sinner ass up in jail!

christ… if you like spending your time browsing through my image directory, (yes, those are the live logs highlighting the said moron doing his/her business on my site) then by all means have a ball! if ya find something you don’t like wouldn’t you just close your browser window immediately? this schmuck looked at every single image for about 5 seconds. doesn’t seem right eh?? I highlighted that very fact if you decide to check out the logs… suffice it to say, I have disabled directory browsing now because I didn’t even know it was on and it can be a security breach when I start hosting people. you know dumbass if ya looked hard enough you would have found my 25gb worth of mp3’s and I don’t think you would have complained eh??… me thinks you just need to get laid. hell, perhaps i’ll sell ya one of my old porn tapes if I can find them to help you in your endeavor ya idjit. *shakes head in shame*

in more cheery news, I spent a good part of this evening chattin’ and laughin’ with julia and man words can not describe how cool she is! thanks for the chat girl!

also, for those of ya interested in viewing some lovely and adorable pics of my honorary god daughter summer, check out lynne’s album which I am hosting on my site… awww, isn’t she just adorable!!! gives ya a warm and fuzzy feeling eh?? 🙂

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