And who said copying wasn’t nice

“Borrowed” from Dara and Jess

Hair: Very very short and dark brown
Height: 5’9″
Weight: Too much for my tastes
Figure: Huh? Average latino figure I suppose??

Clothing: Khakis and sweater or button down for work. Jeans and some type of top otherwise.
Music: Everything except for country and Yanni or Enya
Makeup: Hmmm… not at the moment… 😉
Body art: Nope… not yet at least

Wearing: Khakis and a sweater
Music: Stevie Ray Vaughn – Little Wing
Thinking of: Vacationing in australia
Feeling: Happy because I got my new phone

Bought: TDK VeloCD 24x burner
Did: Installed a new laser printer @ work
Read: XHTML specs. Looks like I gotta update this site’s code
Watched on TV: Star Trek: Voyager

Club or house party: Club
Tea or coffee: Tea (Earl Grey, hot :wonders who will get that:)
High achiever or easy-going: Easy going
Cats or dogs: Cats (dogs suck)
Single or taken: Taken
Pen or pencil: Pen
Gloves or mittens: Gloves
Food or candy: Food
Cassette or CD: CD
Snuff or cigarettes: Nope… Not I said the blind man
Coke or Pepsi: Neither (sometimes Sprite)
Matches or a lighter: Heat vision… 😉
Sunset Beach or The Bold and The Beautiful: Huh?? What’s that? I’m serious here… What is it?
Rickie Lake or Oprah Winfrey: Ummm ewww, aren’t they dead already?? Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

Kill: Now I can’t say this here… 😉
Hear from: Anyone
Look like: Myself, just a wee bit thinner. 🙂
Be like: Myself, just with more money. 🙂

Food: Sushi (especially eel)
Drink: Orange juice
Color: Black
Album: Toss up, Metallica – Master of Puppets or …And Justice for All
Shoes: Doc Martens
Site: Ben’s Bargains
Song: (of the moment) “Syncronicity II” by The Police
Vegetable: Celery
Fruit: Banana

Last movie you saw: Blazing Saddles (arguably the best movie Mel Brooks ever made)
Last movie you saw on the big screen: Monsters Inc.
Last phone number you called: My cell phone to check my messages
Last thing you had to drink: Hawaiin Punch
Last thing you ate: Turkey sandwich
Last time you cried: Hmmmm… When I last watched When a Man Loves a Woman
Last time you smiled: Today as I got my cell phone.
Last time you laughed: Yesterday watching a spanish comedy show, Que locos
Last person you hugged: Devina
Last person you kissed: Devina
Last thing you said: Oh shit!
Last person you talked to online: Ada
Last thing you smelled: The ozone form the printer right in front of me… :-/

Smoke: nope
Do drugs: Not in a long time
Sleep with stuffed animals: Nope
Have a crush: Nope
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Girlfriend
Have a dream that keeps coming back: Nope
Play an instrument: Guitar
Believe there is life on other planets: Damn straight
Read the newspaper: Not often
Have any gay or lesbian friends: Yuppers
Believe in miracles: Yuppers
Believe it’s possible to remain faithful forever: Nope
Consider yourself tolerant of others: Quite
Consider police a friend or foe: Both
Like the taste of alcohol: Just wines
Have a favorite stooge: Nah… Never liked them idjits
Believe in astrology: Yuppers
Believe in magic: Alakazam! Si senor.
Pray: Nope
Go to church: Nope, I sleep in
Have any secrets: Always
Have any pets: 1 cat, Tony
Go to or plan to go to college: Went, dropped out, plan to go back.
Have a degree: Not yet
Talk to strangers who instant message you: Only if they are interesting
Wear hats: Nope
Have any piercings: Nope
Have any tattoos: Nope
Hate yourself: Never
Wish on stars: Nope
Like your handwriting: Depends on if it is sloppy or not
Believe in witches: Yuppers
Believe in satan: Yuppers
Believe in ghosts: Yuppers
Trust others easily: Nope
Like sarcasm: It can be funny at times
Take walks in the rain: I hate wet weather
Kiss with your eyes closed: Most of the time
Sing in the shower: Nope… Only in my car

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Sunset Beach and Bold & The Beautiful are names of soap operas. My favorite happens to be “Days of Our Lives” back in the day when I had time to watch those types of programs.

I’m just bristling about the Olympics 2002 Figure Skating Pairs results. The Canadian team and American teams should have deserved more than they got.

What’s up with the strange bulleting in your lists? For example, Stevie Ray Vaughn’s Little Wing should go on one line. 8)

Favorite Vegetable is celery?!?!?! WTF? That stuff has no sustenance whatsoever. I’ll take some Red or Vidalia onions any day over celery.

earl grey+doc martens=the shiznit. singing in the car = also something really cool. I wonder if people look at me weird while im singing/driving…

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