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Jennifer was posting about this super cool new gallery program she was installing, so I decided to check it out and install it on my server… Wow! This program really kicks ass! It’s much better than anything I have seen out there and probably better than anything I could have created myself. Now I gotta take my camera out more often on my trips and stuff…

Ugh… You know this whole Enron thing is such a tragic shame. I’m reading this article and I remembered a conversation I had with Devina last week after that exec blew his brains out. We were both talking about how sad it was that so many people lost their livelihood, but at the same time, some people just didn’t know enough to protect themselves from all this happening in the first place. Now I’m only talking about the unfortunate souls who lost most of their 401k money. From what we gathered, a lot of these people invested ridiculous percentages of their 401k towards Enron itself. Now having some pride in your company is one thing, but investing close to 80% of your 401k is just ludicrous! I don’t care how good a company is doing, you do not put that much money into such a volatile market and expect not to lose it all at the drop of a hat. For those of ya who do not know what a 401k plan is, take a gander over here… It explains it much better than I ever could. So anyways, you select a bunch of funds you want to invest in (diversification) and it gets all taken care of for you. You get statements every few months or so and it tells you how these funds are doing and what’s going on with your money… If one fund sucks ass you simply change the percentages around or just stop contributing to it and dump it elsewhere. You lose a little bit of money but it’s a manageable amount, thus you learn your lesson and move on… It even says to diversify your money broadly when you sign up for a 401k plan. Now some of these Enron employees just blindly put a huge chunk of their money into the company’s funds and through all this mess, they lost it all. Do I feel sorry for these people, yes and no. I feel sorry for them because many of these workers had families that they have to feed, clothe and put a roof over their head, so now they are struggling just to make a living. On the other hand, I don’t feel sorry for them because common sense dictates that you never put all your eggs in one basket because you will never know what happens later. A mean ol’ weasel could just come by and scoop it all away leaving you with nothing. These people learned a very valuable and extremely harsh lesson about finance… I really doubt this law suit will yield anything more than just another headache in this whole shameful incident.

I completely forgot where I found this link from, but I just came up on it today… This girl is a crack up! 🙂 And her blog is quite the interesting one indeed… Check it out. 🙂 I like the whole dual thing going on there…

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Actually at a lot of larger companies you don’t get to choose how much of your 401K involves company stock. Also a lot of large companies give employees stock instead of cash as a bonus. Corporate America can really suck!

Nice Site

orange juice, eh? I like it but it makes my throat close when I drink it. it’s hard for me to breathe after I drink it. pulp!? eww!! hope the oj makes you feel better though 😀

yeah! great positives and I hope you’re feeling better soon! (jill posted her positives too, so maybe that’s where you found her site…)

i installed gallery yesterday! doesn’t it kick ass? (gallery.foxfiremad.com)

now those are some fun pics to look through! glad you like the program too – I am *obsessed* with it at the moment; it’s all I did this weekend – that and tell everyone I know about it. *g*

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