The milkshake incident

Ahhh, ya gotta love chattin’ with the ex-girlfriend and cheering them up (she was looking at the pic of Devina, myself and Morimoto):

Steph : Anyway…you think you could’ve had a bigger grin on your face?
Steph : and since when are you lactose intolerant…??
Steph : oh wait…
Steph : hahahahahaha…
Steph : since the milkshake…
Steph : hahahaha…
Steph : I forgot about that…
Steph : 😆
me : uh huh
me : shaddup
me : hehe
Steph : milkshake..
Steph : yummy…
Steph : vanilla it was right?
Steph : I bet al still remembers too…
Steph : =)
me : oh yeah
me : he still bugs me about it
me : he’ll pour out a big ol’ bowl of cereal and eat it in front of me making moaning noises
Steph : that’s right…you can’t have cereal anymore eitSteph…
Steph : hahahahahahahahahaha
Steph : hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Steph : hahahahahahahahahahaha
Steph : oh now that’s entertainment for the day…
me : so glad to have made your day less boring…
me : hehe
Steph : yeah…i was wondering what could’ve helped it…

Can you feel the love people?? We’re still awesome friends so we can joke around with each other like this. Hehe…

I suppose I should elaborate on this “milkshake” incident…

You see, back when I was living on Somerset Street in New Brunswick and Al, Steph and myself went out to grab some food and play some pool. It first started with a stop to this cute little chinese bakery shop in Highland Park next to the main laundromat there. Then we went up north to Menlo Park Mall in Edison I believe and chilled a bit checking out the place and seeing what we could buy. I was still a little hungry so I went to the McDonalds and got us some more grub. I ordered a Big Mac and a 32 ounce milkshake (dum dah dum!). Yes… This is the infamous milkshake incident, as it is now known, amongst my circle of close friends. After our filling, we went up to Edgewater to go to our favorite japanese supermarket Mitsuwa. There both Al and I feasted on our usual #46 Tonkatsu plate (ummm breaded pork served with a small salad, pickled relish, miso soup, rice and japanese curry sauce… Damn I’m getting hungry now). Then we got some red bean pastries and finally I got myself some red bean ice cream… Little did I know it would be my very last ice cream for quite some time. After this we went elsewhere and finally settled at Herbert’s Billiards in Secaucus. After a quick game of eight-ball, my tummy wasn’t too happy with me. Naturally I figured it was because I ate a lot of food during the day and I just needed to relax. So I ordered a sprite and chilled watching Al mercilessly beat Steph. As my stomach was doing it’s own version of the jitterbug I got up and just asked for all of us to leave. On the way down I was holding back the urge to puke everywhere (I really really really dislike feeling nauseous). Just as we got to lovely exit 9 on the Turnpike, I couldn’t take it anymore and made them pull over and I completely emptied the contents of my stomach off to the side of the roadway. It got all over my shirt so I ripped it off and threw it on the ground. After that we went back to my place where I proceeded to continue vomiting once every 30 minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore and admitted myself to the closest hospital at around 4am. Ummm I believe it was St. Peters.

Figuring it was food poisoning (my second time now) I let the very attractive nurse know what I ate when she informed me of the error of my ways. You see, the human stomach can only take so much milk in one sitting and then it becomes a toxic mess in your stomach. I’d spare you the exact gory details but let’s just say I really fucked myself over.

Over 16 ounces in one shot and you have problems.

I had 32 ounces. A half of gallon of bad milk in my stomach all within a very short amount of time.

Easy bar trick you will always win. Bet someone any amount of money that they can not drink a gallon of milk within an hour and hold it in for another hour. After about a half hour or so… they’ll be puking their asses off

So as she proceeds to give me a nausea controlling butt shot (yeah that’s right folks, she checked out my ass…) and a small spank (I really didn’t understand why but she was gorgeous, she could have wrapped my body in band-aids for all I cared… Hmmm, sounds kink-eee) she told me to get some rest. After some rest I was told to eat only breads, water, light soups and rice for a week and I should be better after that. One week and thirty pounds lighter, (man what a diet!) I started to get back into the swing of things… With one problem… I could not hold down anything dairy anymore. I didn’t puke it up, but somehow I became lactose intolerant after that whole milkshake fiasco. Thus the jokes and unending supply of lactaid around me at all times.

Do I miss not being able to drink as much milk and ice cream as I want?


But then again I do feel much better and healthier cutting out 90% of the dairy intake I used to consume. Only for special occasions do I really eat anything diary nowadays so it’s all good.

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Well I always thought you were Asian in another life anyway. Most of us Asians are lactose intolerant. I became that way when I turned 21. I can’t drink a glass of milk, but I can enjoy yogurt and cheese. Just in small amounts. I think it’s cause us Asians don’t really use diary in the cuisine. All in all, I miss normal ice cream, etc. But hooray for lactaid products. The milk and ice cream takes getting used to because they are sweeter than normal but you don’t miss out on anything.

I’m thinking of hitting Morimoto’s for my 1 year anniversary with my b/f. Good to know that Morimoto is out there being there for his fans and of course that his food kicks ass.

you lucky bastid. heh. my mom wont buy me lactaid. its the squirts for me from now till I can afford my own darn lactaid. us lactose intolerant people – we stick together. *rawrrrrrr*

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