Allez cuisine!!

Oh my god!

Oh my god!

I’m still basking in the glow!!!

Why am I so excited? Well, the trip to Philly was even better than I could have hoped for this weekend. We got in fairly late on friday so we pretty much stayed in and watched TV and I picked up a newspaper that had a review of Masaharu Morimoto’s new restaurant, Morimoto. I completely forgot it was in Philly, so I decided to try and get us reservations for the next day and I got it!! Now, for those of you who have seen the very popular food network show Iron Chef, he is the japanese chef that dazzles everyone with his “neo-japanese” cuisine. I, along with many of my friends, am an avid fan of the show making careful note not to miss episodes even though I have seen each like 20 times. So, all day Saturday were both psyched about our nice event planned for the evening.

During the day we didn’t wanna be snowbound (though we did watch an interesting indian movie) in our hotel room, so we took a fun-filled ride to the mall of King of Prussia and did a little shopping there and jesus h. christ is that a huge freaking mall! Quite honestly I still prefer the mall at Short Hills more than this one, but the King of Prussia mall has an immense Best Buy so it was all gravy for me. They had a special (95 bucks after mail-in rebate, ummm sorry Karen, I know ya hate it when they are so cheap now.) there on those new TDK VeloCD 24x burners so I picked one up for my Dell and I also got a laptop sync cable and wallet for my Palm (I am sooooo addicted to that piece of shit now). There was also a modeling show at the mall where a bunch of tall, underweight, anorexic 14-16 year-old white girls were trying out for something or other and we all just stayed there and laughed mostly. Then there was this really annoying bunch of high school band kids dressed up in old Phillies uniforms playing big band music while walking around the entire mall. I couldn’t help but think of American Pie and Alyson Hannigan’s (:drool:) take on band life. I sort of said that infamous line a little too loudly and I got a quick sneer from one of the band guys…

After our trip to the mall we went to the restaurant and were completely amazed by everything. The hostesses were all so friendly and amazingly gorgeous. (major :drool:) the design of the place was really “uber-swank.” For example, the tables were a clear green glass that was lit from below with a really phallic light coming from the center of the table. Honestly, it looks like it belongs in a strip club… The ceiling was made of wood and built in a wave-like fashion. The booths in the middle of the restaurant (made for 4-6 people) changed colors every 10 minutes which was a cool touch. The sushi kitchen was in plain view of everyone where you get to see Morimoto and the rest of his chefs create their meals. The food was incredible to say the least. You can look at a copy of the menu here, however these are older prices… They have seem to gone up in the new year… Hmmph, go figure… 😉 We wound up settling for the Morimoto omakase which was pretty much his choice of the foods that you got to eat. It was a 8-course experience that completely wowed us. Devina didn’t like one of the dishes that came out, but I was relishing every single one! Our favorite was the main entree which was a seared lobster with a very spicy sauce, some baby greens on the side and a small tub of citrus creme freshe which I couldn’t eat (lactose intolerant), but Devina devoured.

click for larger picThe best part of the evening was that we got to take a picture (and Devina squeezed his ass… I’m sooo jealous!) with Morimoto himself as shown over here to the left! He stayed with us for a couple of minutes chatting about how his food was and if there was anything we could have done better. I of course was nodding like a raving buffoon and said everything was amazing. He smiled gave me a pat on the back, said “enjoy” and walked off to another table to greet and meet them. The manager/owner was always out and asking everyone how stuff is but that’s always expected. However, I have never been a restaurant where the head chef made sure to come out every once in a while to see how everything is going. I really do recommend this place a great deal but don’t get me wrong… It’s incredibly pricey, (more so than his old restaurant Nobu) so it would make a great place for a very special occasion (anniversary, etc.). If you get a chance also ask for Clint to be your server. We actually chatted about alot of stuff while he was near us. Definitely one cool cat. Afterwards we drove back to the hotel (and I spun out 3 different times… Woo hoo!) and logged on to inform my little brother of the restaurant and send him the pics. Yeah, I have converted my family to Iron Chef fans…

Today, we headed back to relax and watch Chasing Amy and Harlem Nights at my parent’s place…

All in all it was a very nice weekend. 🙂

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Thats reallly really cool. Iron Chef rocks. I haven’t seen it in forever because I don’t have cable now. you have a really cool entertaining writing style. I like. 🙂


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