Will it finally be snow?

Friday Five baby!

What do you have your browser start page set to?
Blank page… I hate having to wait to load up a page when I start IE or having the same homepage come up every single damn time… 🙂

What are your favorite news sites?
Yahoo! news

Favorite search engine?
Google of course…

When did you first get online?
Wow! Back in the fall of 1993. It was my first year at Rutgers and we all went to Hill Center (may it rest in peace :sigh:) to set up our UNIX e-mail accounts and saw the internet in it’s very infancy… Internet Explorer wasn’t even around (Yahoo! either) and neither was Netscape… Just some cheesy app called Mosaic (which Netscape eventually was born from) and we surfed all of the pages that we could… Then we found the coffeehouses (back then that’s what chat rooms were called) and got hooked ever since… 😉 It was also very rare (you had to be pretty privileged) to have a “home page”. I remember fighting tooth and nail for a web account back then.

How do you plan to spend your weekend?
Chillin’ and relaxin’ in Philly. Most likely Dave & Busters, clubbing, the Philly zoo and the Japanese tea house gardens. 🙂

Welp, as of 14:30 (2:30pm for ya nonmilitary types) my ass is heading down to Philly to have a nice long relaxing weekend.

This week has been really crazy work-wise. First off, some ass wipe tried to use our mail server here at work as a spam relay but it didn’t work, so he kept on doing it just to try and take down the server which he almost succeeded in doing. I caught it just as I saw the NDRs flying in towards around 15,000. After that was dealt with, we had to get the CEO’s new monster laptop and Palm up and running and tested with international dial up access. Ummmm, how in the world do you test overseas dial-ups?!?! Hopefully the stuff I did worked fine or else I’ll be hearing from him. Our customer service area got their 10 new machines, so I had to set them all up as well. I didn’t really mind doing that though because there’s alot of hotties back there so at least there was eye candy while I was being a computer geek.

Completely off topic here but guys, have ya ever noticed that yourself doing this? If a hottie walks by, do you start sucking in your gut and pushing out your chest to get that manly (or womanly depending on who you are) athletic posture?? Yeah that’s right baby, check out this chest and my flat abs… Then after they walk away you just let it all droop back down?? Well, this of course goes for us who do not have abs of steel (I hate you six-pack bastards, every one of ya!). I actually found myself doing it subconsciously yesterday! Can ya freaggin’ believe that?!?! Oh christ, my ass needs to get to a gym. Ok, back to the geek talk.

Yesterday, I had to rewire a whole mess of fucked up LAN drops and our backup server stopped backing up… Then one of the customer service Dells kinda shit on itself so that is being re-built now… And to top it all off, I am working on this really tiny little piece of crap Toshiba laptop (holy shit I can put linux on it!! Ok, ok, ok so I am a geek… Shaddup!) getting it all patched up with the newest virus software. The only problem is that the damn keyboard is so small that I look like such an idiot typing into it. You give this thing to a 3 year old, not me!!

A typical week in Dave’s work life… :-/

No biggie at least it all pays the bills so I can’t complain too much right?

Ooh, what’s this?? snow!!!!! Woo god-damn hoo I say! I’ve been waiting for a good amount of the white stuff to fall in my area. Hopefully this is the real thing and not some cheesy .5 inches. Oh well, I suppose I will find out more when I return on sunday. Can’t wait to do donuts… 🙂 Yippee!!! All’s I need is a good three feet and my driveway will be littered with my homage to Calvin and Hobbes.

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wow.. pure geek… you rock… I wanna be just like you


i have my browser set to blank page because I cant stand to wait for a site to load that I probably won’t even wanna be at once it’s loaded. you know, whenever I see a hot guy I cant stop staring. but I don’t try and improve my posture and stick anything out. i’d feel too obvious doing that. heh maybe if I did try to improve the way I looked even for just a few seconds while the person was there, i’d probably get the person to talk to me! I think I look so unattractive at times, mostly because I’m caught totally off guard. I cant wait for the snow either! I really hope it falls like crazy all the weekend so there won’t be any school on tuesday. you linked me up! thank you! I really appreciate it!

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