My first fansign!!! :)


Check out what the ever so sexy lynne just sent me!

she is sooo dreamy... :sigh:
:MUAH: Love ya sweetie!

Ahhh, that just soo made my year so far! 🙂

This weekend I am philly bound yet again! This time I am going to go to the Japanese tea gardens and their zoo… Expect some nice pics of nekkid animals, and of course the ones found at the zoo too! 😉

Just took the typing test at and scored 65 words per minute. Not too bad for a three finger typist I must admit. 🙂

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you only type with three fingers? man you’re awesome! I have to use all ten. well my typing speed was 64, 83, and 80 – I tested three times. im using a laptop right now. these things kinda slow me down, plus im growing my nails kinda long so I keep getting really bad accuracy.

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