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I want this PC!!! Holy shit that is such a great mod for a CPU case!

So it turns out that a statue is being built in rememberance of the 9/11 attacks. it’s actually this famous picture of three firefighters raising the flag the day after the attacks. Unfortunately, this statue will not be of these three men. Instead, it will be one black, latino and white guy in the same pose raising that flag. Yo be honest I am very fucking bothered by it… Political correctness at it’s best I suppose.

I added Julia to the list o’ dailies… Definitely check her site out! I’d also like to send out a few “dank yews” to Midpros and Roxanne for their kind entries in my guestbook…

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I remember the butterfinger bb’s. I can tell you that there were a lot of them although I didn’t get a chance to see the aftermath of that particular incident.

Ahhhh the infamous Butterfinger BB incident, hehe. First some background…(back in ’94-95) our boy Dave here went to our college weekly movies showing and happened to win the weekly drawing that coincides with the showing. So he brings back this big box to our room and we are like what the heck is this… Make a long story short, it turned out to be a sample stand (the ones you see in the supermarket) for the newly created Butterfinger BB’s. So here we are with 300 packets of candies and a whole semester to go…well one thing for sure we never did have to worry about food and plus it spruced up our room…(It was Bart Simpson on the display stand) Of course we had the coolest room, but it never hurts to add to it ;P. So one night we are doing our thing and mischievous me starts to randomly chuck BB’s at dave on his bed…all in good fun and he chucks some back at me…always pushing the envelope but not quite all out war. Anyways we go to sleep and of course I would not let it go…so one *lob* here and one *lob* there. All fun until Dave says “one more BB’s and your going to get”. Of course I can’t let that challenge go, so 5 mins. later…:lob:.
All hell breaks loose, Dave is like “Thats it!” He takes the WHOLE stand and throws it at me on my bed…mind you this is all in the dark. Now this is all out war…packets flying this way, packets flying that way, getting pelted in the face, etc. etc. To which it ended all in laughter. We clean up and finally went to sleep, or so we thought we cleaned up. Even on the day we moved out, mind you 3-4 months later I found packets of BB in the most obscure places. Also to this day I could never look at Butterfinger BB’s, by that semester I was so sick of BB’s that if I ever saw another one, I would break down in a nervous fit…or so my therapist says…:shrug:. So that is the story of the Butterfinger BB’s, I would say more but I have no more space. Stay tuned for more adventures of Dave, muahaha!

you’re such a sweetheart; did you know that? I’m really ticked off about that “politically correct” statue. a black, latino, and a white man do not represent every culture and color in the world. so even if they were trying to be politically correct, they’re still going about it all wrong.

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