I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse

Gotta love eBay. I dunno if it’s the state of the economy now or people just don’t wanna buy anymore but I didn’t make as much as I hoped to. Hell, the sound card didn’t even sell.. Just this past summer, I would easily sell a nic card for 25 and a nice 20 for modems… Now my modems sold for 8 and change and the nic for ridiculously low prices (12 and 15?!?!). The freagin’ sound card never sold either! :-/ C’est la vie I suppose.

Right now I am debating wether or not I should sell the dell laptop docking station I have lying around… Of course I do not own a dell laptop, but I just happen to own a docking station. See, I am a computer pack rat… Anything and everything computer related I pack away because you will never know when you need a super-duper slim notebook that’s no larger than you average 8×10 photo or a motherboard or two.

This weekend was very very relaxing. Most of saturday I spent @ work making sure everyone has the latest anti virus software on their machines or pushing out the new version if they did not. Granted it took roughly 6 hours, everyone at my job has the same exact version of the anti virus software we use (Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition). It’s actually pretty awesome. The whole program is controlled by a main server so it’s only one daily update that gets pushed out to everyone. Plus if there’s an infection found on the network, it cleans it up all nicey nice and notifies me via mail or annoying message box on my screen. If I really wanna be an asshole I can also start a virus sweep and scan everyone’s machine and bring them down to a crawl…

Didn’t do much stuff today but show my brother some more guitar stuff. He can now play the basic chords (e, g, a b, c, and the majors and minors) fairly well. I’m not even gonna show him the barred chords till his hands and fingers become more flexible. Of course being the eager 13 year old, he’s already trying to play Blink 182 stuff… Ahhh I used to be the same exact way when I got my first guitar… 🙂 Diving straight into the metallica.

OMG!!!! Lynne just asked me to be an honorary godfather to her beautiful daughter, Summer!

lasciviouschef: so what is involved with being an honorary godfather sweetie?
lasciviouschef: I’m completely clueless when it comes to these matters
lynne: nothing really.. Just guiding your godchild through life, being there for her
lynne: being a good example for her to follow
lynne: well thats what I think it means anyway
lasciviouschef: oh sweet!

Way cool!! I get to get her gifts and show her the path to livin’ right… Hmmm, on second thought that may not be a good idear, me being a role model!??!… Thank you sooo much… Hmmm, I wonder if this means I get to act like I belong in the mafia. 🙂 That would be sooo cool!

click for larger picYou know this is the exact reason I love my cat tony so much… Ain’t he just toooo cute???

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your post sounded like The Godfather … godfather-baptismal stuff, “ill make ’em an offer they can’t refuse” and last of all – you even mentioned it yourself – you’re now a mafioso. welcome to the mob, buddy. now you are sicilian just like me!

Your cat is very cute!! I wuv wittle kitties! 😀

About eBay, I totally know what you mean. I have a laptop I want to get rid of, but I’m hesitant to sell it on there. I could always use a reserve, but I need the $$$. I’ll probably just put an ad in the paper or something. Anyway, I used to sell a lot on eBay. I had close to 400 feedbacks, and I made a lot of money on there back in 1999. People would buy anything those days 😛 After a lot of companies started selling on there, it became even more difficult to sell stuff. Argh.

AWW, that’s soo cool, you’re going to be an honorary godfather! How neat is that?! What an adorable goddaughter you have!!

Yeah, with the economy, everything is crazy lately. Sorry you didn’t get what you wanted on E-bay. =/ It’s always kind of risky.

And yes, your cat is ADORABLE!

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