Damn this week went quick!

I suppose a couple of you are wondering about the weird guestbook and today’s comments. That’s Al… Or how we called him back in the day “Big Al.” I gotta write up a blurb about him in my cast section cuz we’ve known each other for quite some time now and he’s the closest male friend I have.

So anywayz, I think during my freshman year we all went to this place called the H-club for some party… Knowing us it was the DAWA (ummm… Douglas Asian Womens Association) party. I think they’re called Asian Expo or something like that. It was the first or second one, then they turned really really cheesy afterwards anywayz… So, via the magic of Rutgers unix servers, I knew the president of the association at the time, (her name was something along the lines of Rowena Kam I believe) so I went to see her along with the rest of my freshman year floor. True to form, we all got nicely trashed before going to make sure we all have a good time.

I of course drank too much and halfway into the party I got sick and fell asleep in the men’s bathroom (don’t ask).

I was woken up by my other friend Al, (known as “Little Al”) who took me out of there and had me chill outside to get some fresh air. Big Al then joins me and we start getting into a discussion about my girlfriend I think (though I’m sure Al will elaborate further on this once he reads it) and they made the big mistake of getting me upset. Now there’s two rules to follow when I am inebriated:

  • Don’t get me sad
  • Don’t get me upset

And they chose the latter. I think it had something to do with this schmuck that kept on hitting on my girlfriend at the time. So anyway, I start getting all pissed off (though I don’t really remember to be honest as that was the first night I ever played “quarters”) and I really took it out on poor al. How did I take it out on him you may ask??

Well, you know those newspaper machines on the street that you put money into to grab the paper? He got too close to me and I threw one right at him in my toxic rage. Mind you this was going on just as a friendly (hah!) New Brunswick police officer was driving by (most likely after getting toasted at some frat party break-up). Fortunately for all of us, (not good having a bunch of underage drunks running around) he didn’t see any of this and we all walked back somewhere to crash. Was Al ok?? Yeah, he’s a big tough guy… But he will forever have that nice little scar on his leg from a newspaper stand landing on it… He knows I’m very sorry, but we still laugh about it.

There’s actually a ton of me and Al stories I need to tell uz many of them are just way too funny… Like the infamous Butterfinger BBs incident… Remember that ya bastard?!?!

click for larger picAhhh the good ol’ days. How they make me smile now. You know what else makes me smile?? Beating the crap out of Devina in Yahoo! dominoes… Look at that score!! Look! I have never seen an ass whooping that big! Muahahahahahaha!

Hope y’all have a good weekend!

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Hey is this here the same david from back in 1994 @ NB. Well you still owes us for a bill repair for a broken newstand. The bill could have been higher if it weren’t for a dumbass asian who got in the way…the boy is still in therapy over it. (jackass…) Well here is the number for newstand throwers anonymous. 555-555-5555 ext 3…they have classes for weirdos like you. By the way nice site.

first site that I see the calendar up there. cool. and words count down there, 2000->0. cool. keep up the great work, I love it.

yes! my first job was a cashier position at CVS/Pharmacy. it was cool because I would eat all the candy sitting right in front of me. boy did I love it.

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