Weekly Positives entry #1

Positives for the week

  • Got my new vid card from eBay
  • Devina made her very scrumptious flan for my family this past Sunday
  • Chatted with some new on-line friends yesterday… Hi Addie and Kristina!
  • Got my W-2 forms for my current job! Now I need two more and I can do my taxes and get my refund really soon!
  • Snow!!! Not too much but I could still fishtail like crazy… 😉

Sooo, I am selling some stuff on eBay just because I have wayyy too many computer parts lying around. Just these four cards were lying near my laptop that I never use. Tomorrow I raid my boxes and look for more stuff to sell. 🙂 If yer lookin’ for some network cards or modems why not check it out?

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