Gotta love the cheesy snow amounts!

Well well well… It looks like mommy nature finally listened to her good little boy and gave me some snow to play with… Of course there’s only enough on the ground to really pound one person with a decently packed snowball but nonetheless someone will feel my wrath! 😉

Woo hoo!!! Guestbook entries and a review of my site! First off thanks very kindly to phunnie, Felicia, Julia, Mark and Iris for their very kind entries in my book. All their sites rock so definitely check them out. Miza gave me a very cool review on Binary Dream Reviews and I agree that my site can be a little crazy to navigate so I will look into fixing that.

First Impression: There’s lots of stuff to take in, just on the main page. But I can tell that it’s organized well and I’m not going to have any problem. You have the requirements up, which is nice and helpful-like. I know I’m going to enjoy reviewing this site, just from glancing at the front page. (looks down a bit..) Oooh! Friday Five! I do that too!

Layout: Beautiful and clean-cut, and, as I said before, navigation shouldn’t be *too* difficult. Kind of busy (although the red and the bold blue titles help a lot.) Love the picture, ooh oooh oooh and pretty blue/white! Blue and white look so good together. The bit of red in there balances it out. No terribly clashing colors. Although the layout is simple, one can gather that you spent a lot of time on it because of how everything is arranged – table heaven. I’m loving it. The Phuck u layout page is very well designed and much less busy than the front page. Dear Dave is organized well, also.

Content: Home Page – Good overview of the different sections, gives me a chance to contact you, and of course your weblog-type thing you got going on there. On the main page, there’s lots of stuff I’ve seen before, but you present it much better than most.
Bio – You organize the information well. I like the top ten lists on the side, not going down the page, that works well and it makes the page easier to read. You write so humorously (my mom’s gotten medieval on me too) and you really make me want to know more about you and make me want to keep reading. An overview of your previous jobs, something very interesting and yet not often found on the bio pages of today’s private internet. Yourself, always a necessary, written in the first person (thank you Goddess, it’s so much less confusing when you write it in the first person.) Oooh! Dexter’s Lab and Tom and Jerry, two of my favorites. Random factoids are found on some pages, but yours are more interesting than the average. I don’t like writing in caps either (I’m being a good little linguist here and doing it, because to me it’s much easier to read reviews that have capital letters here and there.) Free time synopsis, a very good look at your life. You sound like someone I’d want to sit and talk to for hours.
Cast – I’ve seen this before on sites, but you really describe these people much better than most do on their cast pages. Provides for a better understanding of what *exactly* you’re writing about. Funnies – Had me laughing for awhile! I’ve heard the voodoo dick thing before, but as “voodoo dildo.” The other jokes were completely new to me, and I tend to be a jokewhore, so I had lots of fun on this page. Phuck u – OMG! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PAGE! Okay, I’ll calm down now. Thank you, Dave, for bringing us a place to bitch *other* than our weblogs and journals.
Dear Dave – What can I say? Yet another good, not-found-often piece of content on this site.

Errors: None. Your overall score won’t be affected by this section.

Pictures: We get a picture of you on the front page, but aren’t bombarded with pictures all over the site – something I appreciate.

Scripts: Nothing that made my computer crash, so you get brownie points! My computer is a Pentium II running on 233 mhz (until my new one comes in a day or two) and it crashes at EVERYTHING! So you unknowingly overcame a major feat and my computer stayed up.

Overall Effect: I really can’t make you do too much crying over my bit of review here. There was some original content, and some not-so-original content. You dressed it up very well, but for those who can’t easily gather their bearings when confronted with lots of different stuff at once, the front page would be HARD to navigate, and some would be quick to leave. I should know, I used to fall into this category. Original or unoriginal, it was all presented eloquently and humorously. There was an equal balance of both original and unoriginal content and the site as a whole works well. I’m not encountering errors everywhere I turn, and even on SLOW dialup, this loads very quickly.


Finally, a real big thanks to Hannah who made me laugh so hard that I fell out of my seat with her kick ass guestbook entry. I was surprised no one else even tried as well, but Hannah, you totally rock!! Oh yeah, here are some Xmas pics too! 🙂