Where’s my damn snow?!

Have you ever done something that reminds you of something your parents typically do? Just now I was standing at the bathroom mirror looking at my face and stretching my face just like my mom does! Making O’s with my mouth, stretching my eyebrows up and down, making huge smiles and bigger frowns.

Just the other day I was standing over my brother watching him play Metal Gear Solid 2 while I was scratching my back just like my dad. I scratch my head when I am thinking just like him. I’m starting to laugh like he does. Oh jeez it’s starting… Isn’t it amazing how many mannerisms you pick up from your parents? There are so many things that I do that I picked up from my parents or friends. Funny how impressionable we are when they spend a good deal of time with another person eh??

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah, no snow yet… 🙁 How come people down in Georgia get snow and I don’t??! That’s it, I am filing a complaint with Mother Nature, hmmph!

In other news, I’m going to Madame Tussauds this weekend! Anyone been there? Since Devina’s fairly New York illiterate, I’m takin’ her in to show her some of the sites. She wants to hit Tussauds and I wanna hit MOMA. Then I’ll take her into the Village and hit some of the hot spots, then get some Mexican on West 4th and prolly end up on Bleecker bar hopping. If yer in town why don’t ya join us??… 😉