Should all aquaintance be forgot…

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, my New Year’s Eve was a very very relaxed one. Since I have started dating back in high school I do not ever remember spending a quiet evening at home with my girlfriend so this year Devina and I decided to stay in. It went well, we went to grab some sushi at a local restaurant where for some very weird reason was extremely crowded with white people and nothing but white people. Mind you this is the Tokyo on Oak Tree Road in Edison which is a predominantly Asian area so I just found it to be a little weird seeing sooo many white people there as opposed to the usual 2 or 3 chillin’ at the hibachi stations. Not that this had anything at all to do with how the evening went it’s just one of those things that sticks in your head as slightly out of the norm. So anyway, I get my nice little chirashi and Devina partakes of the cali rolls and we head on out to her place.

As it also turns out there was a 44 hour Twilight Zone marathon running on The Sci-Fi channel all weekend, so we were watching it for most of the night. One extra odd thing that happened on New Year’s Eve was that we had to throw out one bucket of water from her front porch at the stroke of midnight. Apparently her dad’s Cuban friend said to do this, so we were honorary Cubans at the stroke of midnight. Can someone please explain to me the significance of chucking out water onto your porch freezing it so that whenever someone walked on it they’d fall and subsequently sue our asses? I can sort of understand the symbolism associated with it (washing or throwing out the old sort of thing), but I think the rules should be amended to those of us living in an area where water freezes once you place it on the ground. If you’re in Cuba then no big deal, you just created some mud (mmmm, mud pies, mmmm) but up in North Jersey we gots ourselves a mini-skating rink… :-/

As for resolutions, they say if you write down your resolutions, they have a better chance to keep so I’m doing so here.

  • Get rid of my debts and pay off all my bills
  • Move out of my parents house and *hopefully* down to North Brunswick or close by this spring/summer
  • Drop some weight cuz I am just wayyy out of shape

I kept the list small because the less things you have to do the easier they are to keep. I’ve already gone into Dave’s pile-o-bills this morning and paid off 3 bills I completely forgot about. Next is to get rid of that damn Target card (wayyyyyyyy to addicted to that store) and finally the Visa(s). 🙂

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nice shirt, dave! edison, you say? why, that’s where my dad lives! I just spent a week there last month.. what a small, small world. 🙂

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