Dave plays his axe!!

My brother has started learning how to play the guitar I got him, especially after seeing me play on my own. I did notice one sad thing though, today’s music is just way too simple compared to the days when I was learning. Devina picked up a Blink 182 tab book for my brother to learn the songs off. Now I’m not a big fan of them so I didn’t know the music too well, but after picking up the book and thumbing through it, I can safely say I can master each song in a few days total. What happened to the monster riffs and complicated music of yesteryear (hmm, is yesteryear a word)?? I guess it’s just todays’ rock listener demands a simpler and more sterilized form of music than when I was growing up. Then again not all of today’s rock bands are bad. Incubus has churned out some slightly respectable music and surprisingly I find myself listening to Sum 41 a bit more than I thought I would. I can see they “borrow” a lot of their style from the old great bands like Iron Maiden and other euro-metal bands.

Eh well, enough of this boring talk.

So anyway, my brother placed a microphone in front of my amp while I was fooling around and now you get to hear my slightly off renditions of Metallica’s Enter Sandman and Sum 41’s Fat Lip. Hehe… Warning, they are both relatively messed up… 😉

Can you believe my brother never took a music class in grammar school?!?! I know this because of the blank stare I got from him when I was showing him the names of the strings on the guitar (see, my first guitar lessons for him started today). I asked him if he ever took a music class and he said no… How sad is that?? I took like 2 years of music in like the 4th or 5th grade and we were given each of those cheesy ass recorders which is OK, but we at least learned basic music theory and how to read sheet music. We were also forced to listen to Mozart, Beethoven, various operas, Ella Fitzgerald, the Duke and others just to get a basic appreciation for different types of music.

I think that is the most despicable thing I have ever heard about my brother’s school. I mean I know he goes to an urban public school and the funding must not be that great, but for christ’s sakes, that’s just real damn sad. Listening to music forces your brain to think a different way which in turn makes ya smarter too and puts some culture in your ass.

So, I took it upon myself now to at least show my brother the basics like how to read the notes and what terms like octaves, pitch, allegro, staccato and others mean. If his piss poor school won’t do it, I sure as hell will. For you parents out there, there is nothing better for the your kids than the magic of music. Even just listening to one classical piece per day will help your kid open up to a wonderful new world. They may listen to Britney or whatever but let’s face it… That’s not real music, just some synthesized commercialized crap that any chimpanzee with a computer can come up with and a pretty face to go behind it. Slap some Moonlight Sonata on or something fore the poor tykes.

As for yesterday’s events, yes I did manage to get that manicure with one exception. Devina wasn’t feelin’ too hot to go out so she did it herself and it actually looks kinda cool. Wanna see?? You know if I get the sunlight just right, I can probably blind someone real good with my fingernails now… 🙂

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Isn’t it scary that we’re not teaching these kids music in school now days? I’ve been a musician all my life, and it’s so sad to think that kids are coming out of school without even knowing the names of notes, or the basics of music theory. When I become rich and famous, I’m starting a charity to make sure kids are getting music in schools, LOL. (seriously)

As for music, it really isn’t as complex as it used to be…I mean, what happened to the old days, when you had extreme guitar solos in the middle of songs, you know? Or the days of the lead singer? Whatever happened to that?

And on a random thought, how come no one has any idea who Joe Satriani and Steve Vai are except for me?! LOL, these guys are EXCELLENT guitar players…can’t we hear a little in the mainstream please?? 😉

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