Momma se momma sa ma ma ku sa

Well, I hope everyone out there had a very merry and safe Xmas. I also hope all of you got every single thing ya wished for and that your new year will be amazing too! I actually had a very good Xmas and got some neat-o gifts and I was happy that everyone liked my gifts as well. In case you are curious here’s the small list of stuff I got my family/friends:

  • Mom: A nice purple chenille throw and big ass candle from Pottery Barn
  • Dad: A few sets of pants and shirts
  • Sis: Work outfit from The Limited and a Rio MP3 player
  • Bro: Fender Strat Squier pak
  • Sis’s b/f: Fleece sweater from Old Navy
  • Devina: DVD player, 5 of her favorite movies (Blazing Saddles, Friday, Coming to America, Austing Powers, The Birdcage), warmer pj’s, hat and gloves, a small dominoes set, art sketch kit, and a book on romantic poems.
  • Karen: Cool set of 4.1 speakers from Logitech
  • Steph: Civilization III

There’s a few more knick knack gifts I got other members of the familia but that’s pretty much it. I also hit the computer show this weekend with my little bro and I picked up a Lite-ON DVD-ROM and an SB Live! X-Gamer 5.1 sound card for this phat Dell Pentium III PC that Steph got me this past weekend from her job… Yay! Another computer for Dave which brings the grand total up to 4 PCs and 1 laptop. Yeah I know, what the hell do I need em all for?? Who the hell knows but I’m a geek so it’s all gravy. Ooh, and I also got the remastered version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller which has some extra tracks at the end of it. If you get a chance either buy it or borrow it just to hear Vincent Price say “can you dig it” during the “Thriller” rap he does… Man was it priceless!

As for the gifties bestowed upon me this year:

  • Mom: A nice pair of dress pants and a sweater
  • Dad: Cold hard cash, my favorite
  • Sis: Sweet pair of Bally dress shoes
  • Jon: Boxer briefs
  • Sis’s b/f: Really sweet dress shirt from Banana Republic
  • Steph: An old Dell pentium III and a sweet Kenneth Cole pullover
  • Karen: Culinary torch so that I can make creme brulees plus a ramekin as well!
  • Devina: A super sweeet Crate guitar amp, a bottle of Sandeman’s 20 year old port wine and a fantabulous Jinx Hacker Wear “got root” t-shirt…

And work gave me a nice 4 days vacation to chill @ home and do nothing but veg out.

Still have no damn clue what I am doing for New Years… I asked my sis and her b/f Minh to see what they were doing and they have no clue too. Anyone know of a good party in the city that’s still selling tix?

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That remastered version of Thriller is great, I bought it for myself when I was out doing some Christmas shopping a few weeks ago. (LOL)

I finally bought tickets to a New Years party, I didn’t have any idea for awhile what I was gonna do, I was afraid I’d be stuck at home! LOL.

Sounds like you had a pretty good Christmas, take care!

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