Hey Macarena!

So the function wasn’t as bad as I expected…

I got to see alot of really hot and really bruised women (it was a Xmas party for a karate school ya know, thus the war wounds) and a bunch of way over-testosterone filled guys. Of course, it should also be noted that each of these hot women would most easily kick the shit out of me which strangely enough is a huge turn-on. Yeah yeah, I’m a sicko. There was barely any dancing involved so it was pretty good. Though why is it when there’s white people involved in a company function you always have to do the electric slide and the macarena?? Haven’t you people learned your lesson?? After seeing this, we only stayed for like a half hour and then we left to get some drinks at Clydz over in New Brunswick. After getting fairly sloshed on all sorts of different martinis and listening to some babbling drunk idiotic Indian guy cry about some chick that left him for another we decided to get up and go.

You know I hate how wussy some guys can get when they’re g/f’s dump them. I mean if it’s a couple of days or weeks after a breakup, then sure you’re entitled to be upset but if this like a year after it happens?!? Christ man, stop being a freaggin’ baby and get out there. It turns out this guy’s g/f left him about a year ago because he wasn’t paying enough attention to her and now she’s all sorts of happy with this new guy and they are getting married. Thus his friends took him out to cheer him up and all he could do is babble endlessly about how much of a bitch she was for dumping him and how no other women are dating him. Well, duh you pathetic sack-less dumbass… Which woman in her right mind would want to be with you when you can’t get over your ex and you rag her out?!? If it wasn’t for the fact that I was sobering up when we left I’d have told that schmuck to grow a set of balls, get over it and move on… There’s like billions of other women out there, so just clean up your act, treat the ladies a lot nicer and perhaps you wouldn’t be at a bar crying over something silly like that. Jeez… I need to bring back Dear Dave.

Dear Dave was an advice column I started up way back in 98 (or was it 97) and it was mostly a relationship/sex advice column where I handed out some advice to those that just wanted another opinion. It was actually going pretty well and I was getting close to 30 submissions per day but it was too much for me to handle. So I took a break to spruce it up and allow for guest advisors to take the load off of me when the company that I chose to host it with got hacked. So what do those lovely gentleman do?? (Me and a couple of friends actually created their site for them and we are *still* waiting for that 2 grand each to come in!) They delete their machines without backing up my databases and my code leaving me with my thumb up my ass looking for any backups I may have had previously. Fortunately, I found an old backup of just the advice archives so at least there is something to work with but I’m still kinda PO’d about the whole situation. So my next project which will hopefully debut this February is the revamp of my old advice site, 🙂 Perhaps in the meantime today i’ll post up the advice archives just for the hell of it… Yeah that sounds good, not doing anything else here @ work today.

Though I really should figure out a proper way to do multiple posts in a day… :-/

And of course a big sloppy-kissed thank you to Kelly, Armina, Julz, Amy, Rathromony and Lindsay for their kind words in my guestbook. Give each of these talented ladies some good luvin’ and check out their sites. 🙂 Vic and Steven also have new layouts up as well! Wooo!

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I think it would be cool if you started up deardave again! I’d visit daily, I’m sure.

I’m glad that your function went well….and I agree with you, if you’ve been broken up with someone for a year or more, GET OVER IT! It’s time to move on!

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