Time is ticking

Ahhhh, 8 hours and counting. The dreaded company function… Christ, I’m making this out like I am walking the green mile or something…

Well, since the boss lady is out again for the second Friday in a row I have decided to take it real easy today @ work and just catch up on all of the blogs I have been missing out on lately. I just can’t believe how many people out there in la-la land (errr, the net) have journals. It’s all good though.

click for larger picThe president gave out these supposedly really snazzy Austrian (or German I have no clue) truffles today as gifts to all of the employees as a thank you for a thank you card we all sent him for the Xmas party he threw last week (hmmm did that whole sentence confuse you too??). I actually didn’t wind up going because I had other plans that night but it was supposedly a really sweet spread and it turns out the company headquarters out in Austria gave everyone in our company an extra bonus of a month’s salary because we did so well this year! Of course since I was hired just recently I don’t think I qualify for this (now doesn’t that suck), but it gives you a good feeling when your company shares like that. Yeah… I’ll prolly stay here a few years… 🙂

Hmmm, just tried one of the truffles. I hate dark chocolate… Eh well, it’s the thought that counts and I am sure my mom will enjoy these much more than I.

Does anyone remember that old 80’s show Snigglets? Well, I just found this place and it is reminding me so much of that hilarious show… 🙂 Hmmmm, what other 80’s tv shows did I love that some people may not remember… Manimal, Max Headroom, Moonlighting, Airwolf, The Incredible Hulk, Macgyver and Sledgehammer… Man do I freagin’ feel old! Eh well, life moves on.

Thanks to Catherine for her kind words in my gbook and also I added three new weblogs to my regular read list above: Vic, Amy and Dara. Definitely check em out.

You know something? Granted I hate Nutscrape (that’s Netscape to you kind folk) with a passion, I bit the bullet and downloaded their newest version and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Granted it’s about as bloated and slow as shit, they are starting to play nice with CSS and other standards and my page very well in it (with the exception of a few javascripts not loading properly). So I guess this page is also supported by Netscape 6.2 and above! Though ya gotta wonder why AO-Hell owns Netscape yet happily distributes Internet Explorer with all of their versions of their shitty software. Go figure… I also re-activated my ICQ (yet another decent product gone to shit under AOL’s ownership) seeing that they came out with a supposedly better version. Doesn’t look too shabby but still too bloated for a messaging app. Add me to yer buddy lists and message me. Work’s fairly boring today, ahhhhhh!

Damn!!! check out the laptop the president wants now because he’s “not happy” with his current one. It’s good to be the king eh??

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I really enjoyed visiting your site…it rocks!!…and you have a very cool sense of humor…I will definitely be back if that’s o.k. with you…smile

You’re not old, I remember those shows too. And if I remember them, that makes ME old, and….I’M NOT OLD! 😀

Netscape, huh? That’s pretty ballsy that you downloaded it, I wouldn’t even think of putting it on my computer, As for the AOL thing, I’ve never understood why they use IE either. The wrath and power of Bill Gates, I suppose!

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