Wow! Long time no post eh?

Well, things have been pretty much “going” for me lately… Have you ever felt like you were living in a rut? Like you’re pretty much just doing the “day-by-day” thing with no real end in sight? I dunno, I guess I could say that I haven’t been the happiest of people for the last few months… Well more than that to be honest. Could it be the fact that I am still looking for my own place and this living at home thing is finally getting to me? Could it be my relationship and all the problems therein? Could it be just that I just need shakabuku?? Perhaps… One thing I know is that I can’t wait for the new year to start. Why am I unloading this? Well, I have always considered weblogs more than just a way to become popular or something. It’s a peek into someone’s life. A mini-time time capsule of sort where 1, 2, 5 or 10 years from now I can look back on and see what my life was like and see how it has changed. Hmmm.. I wonder what my life would be like in 10 years.

Will I be married?? Yeah most likely.

Will I be living in a house or in that loft in New York City where I have always wanted to live in or perhaps that big ol’ log cabin overlooking a lake I have always wanted to call home.

Will I have any kids?!?! Oh christ. Me as a dad, man how sick would that be?? Dave with children… Jeez.

So anywayz, back to the point I was trying to make before. The reason I am unloading this is pretty much because I need to. To me the most important reason for a weblog is to keep my life in perspective. Well, what life there is to keep in perspective.

I finally got back my putt-putt yesterday and man does she run better! All for a grand total of four hundred and change too. I got new wheel bearings, a new front passenger side axle, a new valve body assembly for my transmission and all of the wires that got messed up from the time it got broken into fixed. Now my passenger side window closes from my window switch, yay! However, when they ran their diagnostics on the electronics they had to take my dashboard apart. I dunno if they were in a rush when they were putting it back together but I get a weird clattering noise when I am driving and passing over bumps in the road which is horribly annoying. 🙁 So this weekend I am figuring out what is loose and fixing it myself.

Here’s a question… Why is it forms of transportation are automatically female?

Tomorrow is Devina’s karate place Christmas party and I am also going with her… Mind you I *hate* company holiday functions I am attending it like the good boyfriend that I am. Of course, I am also terrified of going simply because there’s dancing there. Yes, yes, this Latino has two left feet and I am dating the stereotypical Latina dance queen who will dance salsa even if there is no music around… Ugh, I swear I gotta take lessons one day and yes I have been clubbing lots in the past but these are NYC clubs like Twilo or NV or Ohm or Exit or the Tunnel when is wasn’t shut down for drugs. You just go there at midnight and get drunk, dance a little, bounce a little, get high (or whatever), grab your g/f (or b/f or some random hook-up for the night), start fooling around, find a slightly darkened corner, do whatever comes to mind, drink a little more, dance a little more and go home at 9am… Or find the next party. This is way different than a company function where you’re pretty much SOL if ya don’t know how to dance. Looks like I gotta tough it out somehow tomorrow… :-/

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You’re more than welcome!

I hate weird clattering noises when you drive, I got in an accident a couple of months ago, and they had to put the whole damn thing back together. Now I have this annoying rattle in the dashboard, and I have to turn my music up really loud to drown it out. When you figure yours out, want to come fix mine? LOL

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