Danke schoen, dah’ling danke schoen…

Well, today I wound up oversleeping and working from home. Just haven’t been getting enough sleep lately so I decided to be a total bum today, stay in my jammies and just plain chill @ home. Though I realized a few things since I have been home thus far in the day…

  • Absolutely nothing is on TV
  • I can take care of a lot of errands
  • Nothing is on TV!!!

click for larger picSo I went through my tape collection to watch something in commemoration of my joyous day off. My eyes sparkled as I saw Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and I promptly popped it in and watched it… Ahhh, seems like a fitting movie for this day eh??

Well, after that was done, I was flipping through the channels and happened to stumble on Mr Roger’s neighborhood and figured that he scares me now… I loved the guy growing up but he’s just way too calm for his own good. I’ve never seen him get angry or anything like that, much like the painter guy on PBS that always painted the “happy” trees. What was his name?? Man I miss that guy… I bet he was always stoned while he was working. Lemme tell ya, back in the college days we used to get stoned watching him and you wouldn’t believe how much more sense his paintings made!!

Woooo! Tom and Jerry is on!!

So as I watch this cinematic masterpiece I shall end this here… Gotta get my share of toons.