Just got back from watching Monsters Inc with Devina and it wasn’t too bad of a flick… Pretty hilarious if I may say so myself in some parts and the computer animations are getting better and better. However we thought we would have the theatre pretty much all to ourselves since it’s been a while that the movie has been out. Wouldn’t ya know it, a whole gang of loud ass kids show up and blab ever so loudly. Then again it was a kid’s movie so what can ya do eh?? Just wish the parent’s raised them little bastards better and with proper manners…

However what really topped off the evening was one of Devina’s dad’s good friends happened to show up there. Now normally this isn’t a bad thing but it turns out this fucker was asleep 10 minutes into the movie and he was snoring so damn loudly!!!! Can you believe that shit?!?! Snoring at a kids movie??! We were laughing about it more than anything so I guess it was all good. Besides, he’s also one of Lennox Lewis’s trainers so I don’t think anyone would have had the guts to wake him up and let him know he was snoring… :-/

Ugh…. Need sleep… That’s it, my ass is going in late tomorrow to work, they can all kiss my Latino ass if they say anything about it. 😉