Pull my finger!

Wow! Well, it turns out that alot of people went crazy this past weekend (I guess it’s because of the lack of school with the holidays) puttin’ up new layouts. Carlos, Renee, Mindy and Nic all have kewl new layouts up though I must admit, I like Carlos’s the best. However, Jamie has a radio station runnin’ on her site as well! Not only does she have the looks, the brains and the talent, but she can DJ pretty well too (what can’t she do?!?!) definitely give them a look see! 🙂 I also wound up adding Jamie’s and Carlos’s site to my daily reads list above…

It’s actually been a very light week so far for me, (thus the lack of blog entries) but things at work have been going very crazy. Servers were going down left and right so I had to get ’em back up as best I could in way too short of time. You know, I like what I am doing now being a network administrator and all but I really really miss the web developer days. Gone are the days of just chilling out with the other guys (or girls) and playing Starcraft or Unreal Tournament designing web apps or sites and here are the days of endless running around tending to everyone’s needs. Granted I prefer being busy at work as opposed to sitting here with a thumb up my ass, I made a good realization recently. I can not stay working here for much longer than a year or two or I will go absolutely bonkers… But then again that is the life of someone in the computer field… You just go hopping place to place finding your niche and sticking with it or just up and start your own business. I think I’ll actually do the latter looking down a few years down the road after this whole madness with layoffs and such becomes much more stable.

Have you ever had a manager that you just really didn’t see eye to eye with and worse that you had to work closely with? Well, that’s my situation with my boss. Granted she is a very cool boss who pretty much let’s me get away with whatever I want most of the time, sometimes I just think we shouldn’t be working together. I can understand seeing differently on certain subjects can actually be beneficial to a business relationship because it helps create new and imaginative solutions to problems, (hmmm… Gotta remember that for my next interview! They’ll jizz over that remark!) sometimes it makes it worse here. Eh well., so life goes on and I get another paycheck.

The Xmas season is upon us and Dave has to start making a Xmas list of things to get the people in his life. I decided to get my dad some football tix for sometime around his birthday (which coincidentally is Xmas eve, and yes, he expects two gifts). I’m thinkin’ Jets tix because I think he’s more of a Jets than Giants fan and also Giants are playing like absolute shit now…

J! E! T! S!

I was thinking of getting my brother a small cheesy guitar and amp since Guitar Center is having a sale on a Fender combo this weekend as well. So that knocks two family members from my list which leaves my sister (who’s b/day just happens to be on the 20th) and mom’s. Anyone have a good idea what I should get my mom or sis? I usually get my sis some clothes but I really do not think she likes my taste in women’s clothing much so I need to think of something else. Hmmm, she’s studying to be a nurse so perhaps something related to her career choice?? Ugh… I *hate* shopping for women… You people are soooooooo hard to shop for… I think for mom I’ll get a sweater or two because she’s always cold and a nice dinner at a swanky restaurant. Or does that sound too cliche?? Then it’s time to get Xmas gifts for my friends and to make things worse it’s almost all women?!?! Jeez, I should just shoot myself shouldn’t I?? Hehe… Well, I am sure I’ll find my buds some nice gifts. I, on the other hand, don’t know what the hell I want. All I really need is a guitar amp now and that I think Devina’s going to get me that so it’s all good. I’ll just be very pleasantly surprised with whatever my friends and family gets me.

Then comes the subject of New Year’s Eve. What to do, oh what to do. What I would really love to do is just rent a limo, fill it full of friends and drive around NYC finding good clubs and parties to attend and thoroughly enjoy the evening. That’s actually something I have wanted to do for about four years now, but it has never come to fruition. The last two years both me and Al (my ex roomie and whom I consider to be my closest guy friend) hosted an hors d’oeuvre party for all of our friends that wanted to spend a quiet evening at home. The first year we did it, we cooked for roughly 8-10 hours and made a sweet ass spread of which everything was nicely put away from our guests. Last year’s wasn’t as great a success with the food, but it was still pretty kick ass! Turns out everyone loved my crab cakes and also my hazelnut crusted chocolate truffles last year. However, both me and Al vowed never to do it again as it is quite taxing and it gets real damn expensive cooking so much food for people. I wonder what the guys are gonna do this year. Well, whatever happens, I’m sure it I will try and have as much fun as I can. Just about done with work. Peace!!!

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Haha ‘Pump n Munch’ sounds raunchy!

Just in case I’m not online tonight, it’s becuase my parents are coming over… Mum is cooking me a Filipino dish that I’ve been CRAVING for 🙂

xoxoxoxoxoxox’s Lynn

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