We are the youth gone wild!

Man I love a good weekend!

First off, the Thanksgiving dinner was of course divine and it was actually a small gathering. My family, Devina and my sister’s b/f Minh. Afterwards, we just wobbled to the TV and watched Weird Science as we had some good cheesecakes and upside down pineapple cakes.

Friday, Karen and I went to the city and saw The Rocky Horror Show on Broadway and oh my fucking god, was it such a kick ass show and she got some way kick ass seats! Mind you I have never even seen the movie except for a few snippets when it was on VH1, so we had no clue what was in store for us. I know it’s quite the experience to go to the showings at like the school campuses and stuff, but wow! If you ever come to Broadway you have to go see that show (and my all-time fav Les Mis). What made the night so much better were the guest stars that were performing. The narrarator was that guy Dave Holmes from MTV fame who was hilarious as the emcee. But what made the night for me was that ex-lead singer for Skid Row, Sebastian Bach played the character of Riff Raff! The way the place was laid out, there’s a circle in the middle of the theatre and everyone comes out of this central hallway so you get to see everyone come out and we were sitting right next to it! So every once in a while Sebastian Bach was no more than one foot away from us singing or clapping or whatever. I didn’t know the guy was so tall and he looks exactly like in the Skid Row videos. I mean at times it was just too surreal sitting one foot away from one of the most popular lead singers of the 80’s metal band era. Either way, the show was really cool but because Karen and I never saw the movie we didn’t pick up on the nuances of watching an actual “horror” performance. Like every time Janet’s name was spoken everyone had to say “slut” or when Brad’s name was spoken you had to yell out “asshole” and throwing things like confetti, napkins and playing cards. It’s a really really interactive show and I guess that’s what made it so much fun. Plus the guy that played Frank ‘n’ Furter was a total trip! If you have the chance to watch it, definitely go see it and sit as close to the main stage as possible. Hell, see it this week and the guest narrarator is Jerry Springer!! What more can ya ask for?!? Jerry! Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

my playbill

Afterwards we were looking to hit The Slaughtered Lamb since she has never been there to soak up some liquor but parking has turned to absolute shit in the village so after 45 minutes of looking around, we just headed back.

The rest of the weekend was spent playing with my nice new Canon digital cam!!!

new cam!  Wooooooo!

It turns out had a really good sale on these cams and Karen was so kind as to get two of them so that I could give her the $$$ for it when they got in. It’s a really sweet little thing and just about the size of my palm. From all of the other ones I have seen, it was a really good bargain and I’m sooo happy I got it. 🙂 It’s only got a 8MB flash card on it but it isn’t too bad. Tomorrow from work I am getting a new case, another battery and a 128MB flash card from Crucial which is the absolute best (and cheapest) place to get any type of memory hands down.

Next week starts the on-line Xmas shopping simply because I despise malls and refuse to go to one this year and deal with the bullshit that is the Xmas mall season. Is it me or do people really start acting like assholes during this time of year when you are shopping. I mean people fight over parking, yell at sales people when they don’t have their “must have” item or are just generally ruder all in the lovely spirit of Xmas… Ho hum… I’m about to get ready to hit the hay, peace!

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