Lemme shave your crop… Daaintily!


I just downloaded an MPEG of my all time favorite Bugs Bunny cartoon, “The Rabbit of Seville” and saw it 3 times!! 🙂 Man that just completely made my night! You know not to sound like an old fart (then again this toon is about 40+ years old) but they just don’t make cartoons as good as the Looney Tunes ones anymore. I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s some funny shit out there but nothing as good as dear ol’ Bugs himself. I remember growing up I had all of the greats… Transformers, He-Man, Voltron, etc. But nothing at all beat watching Bugs do his best. 🙂 Though I haveta admit that Voltron comes a very close second to being one of my all-time favorite cartoons. Every time that damn sword came out you knew that Robeast was fucking toast!! Weeeeeeeeeeee!

So anywayz, today I had a very interesting discussion with Devina regarding that whole incident with Jennifer Lopez (J-Lo my latino ass) and the “N word.” A whole slew of people were/are up in arms because she used that word, which of course is completely understandable as any racist statements are bad bad bad. When Ja-Rule (the writer of that song in question, which IMHO sucks ass anywayz) was interviewed on 97.1FM, (our local hip hop station) he stated that he did not understand why everyone was up in arms about it because it was not offensive. [Mostly paraphrased] Now this whole thing started us in a fairly long discourse about the usage of that word in music. See, her problem was that she felt Jennifer Lopez had no right saying that word because it is an offensive term and she should pay for it because a lot of kids look up to her as a role model (as to why I have no damn clue, she just has a nice big ass). My problem with this whole situation is why are we all ganging up on Jennifer Lopez for something that has been done by a whole lot more R&B and rap artists on a regular basis?? Listen to Dre, listen to Snoop, listen to DMX, listen to Ja-Rule.

Why do we not hear of people badmouthing them?

Don’t a lot of kids look up to these artists as well? They throw around the “N” word more than anything, yet I haven’t really heard much complaining coming from anyone. Just lots and lots of record sales and videos. So what gives? Is it because it’s a woman saying it? Well what about Lil’ Kim (oooh what a hottie!) or Missy Elliot? They say it too! I just want to know why is it a huge problem with her specifically. If the R&B and rap community really wants an end to using such inflammatory words, then it has to police it’s own citizens a bit more carefully. But oh wait a minute. Now that means censorship and that’s the worst word of all.. 😉

If anyone can come up with a decent explanation, then please go right ahead and give me one. I’m not saying it is right to use that word at all, but what gives one person the right to say it over another when it all means the same thing?

It boggles the mind…

Eh well, I’m a gonna go watch some Bugs again…

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I completely agree with you!. All these people use the word niggah, as any other word. One other person comes around and says it and suddenly its a big disrespect to them!, I really dont’ get it!. Don’t get me wrong, but I just don’t get why THEY can use it as they please, but somebody else can’t say it! :-/ strange…..

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