Dooby dooby doo…

Hidey ho!

Wow… Long time no post. But like clockwork, once ya get back from a four-day business trip, work really starts to kick your ass. First off, you definitely haveta check out He definitely has a very good site running here without looking and sounding (like it can really happen) like everyone else’s. Work today was very slow paced so when I found this place, I just had a ball going through it… Definitely one kick ass place to go, haveta drop a note in this guy’s guestbook.

So anywayz, this past weekend went very very well. The hotel room wasn’t too bad and we went crazy getting room service and taking in the town’s sights. Friday was just relaxing and playing old school games (Super Mario Bros, Pac Man, Spy Hunter, Joust, Zelda) on the Nintendo they included in the room and drinking a very nice Australian chardonnay (yeap, ya read it right, Australian. Who knew?!?!) The next day was spent chillin’ on South Street in Philly. For those of ya who have never been to Philly, South Street reminds me of a less eclectic version of any given street in the Village (in NYC of course). It’s got it’s bars, tattoo shops and random little shops so it’s a good place to hang out if you got some time to spend window shopping. I actually wound up getting a few things there including a used guitar (ESP LTD M-55 to be exact) at this pawn shop I usually hang out in for a real good price. In the spirit of naming inanimate objects after Asian porn actresses, I have named this one Sung-Hi. For you Metallica fans out there, this is the same model of guitar that Kirk Hammett used on the “Justice” album. So that totally made my day and to boot, they also gave me a free hard shell case too! It’s purty, black, super shiny and it sounded real freagin’ sweet when I was playin’ a few choice riffs in the shop. Then I also went buck-wild at this little Nokia phone shop way down by the piers. It was run by a really awesome Muslim woman who was wearing all purple and listening to Brandy. Now, all of my friends know I have been wanting to change the face plate for my nice little Nokia 6120 phone, but have not found any decent ones. I don’t know why, but the face plate market seems to be overrun by the 5100 series phones and their newer series of lines, but not mine… 🙁

So I saw a whole slew of them I wanted and they were only like 10 bucks each!! I wound up getting three really kick ass ones. The first one that I got is on my phone right now which is a black velvet (yeah… a velvet) one. Then I also got a purple velvet one which just screams porn and finally a mood changing one. I dunno if you have seen this type of thing, but it’s a material that reacts to your temperature and changes colors. The hotter you are the bluer it gets and the colder you are the blacker it gets. On top of all this, I got a hologram thingie to put on my LCD display of the stars and moon which looks really neat. So after that we went to Dave & Busters to play some pool and then just chilled back in the room watching pay per view movies. The rest of the time was pretty much chillin’ and we went to 2 pretty good places, D’elmonico and The Capital Grille to get our fill of swanky eats. For those of ya in the Philly area looking to impress a date (and most likely get some afterwards) or share an anniversary somewhere (and still get some even though it should be guaranteed on your anniversary IMHO) and do not mind spending a little bit o’ green you should definitely check out The Capital Grille and be amazed with the kick ass food and service you’ll find in there. If you do happen to go, make sure ya try and get Christian as your server. He was quite personable and very knowledgeable for a young guy and he’s one of those waiters that doesn’t hassle ya every second. So anyway, the trip was cool, got some good stuff, good eats and lotsa fun and took a picture of a very interesting sculpture found near the Japanese Tea Gardens in Fairmont Park. Once the roll gets developed, I’ll be sure to post it so that you can laugh with me as well.

Then coming back I hear about the plane going down in Queens, such a tragic shame. Though it kinda upset me at how lightly the press took it once it was ruled out that there was no terrorist involvement with that plane going down. It’s like this and that and this and that and oh, by the way, a plane went down because of a mechanical failure, the Nets won yesterday, blah, blah, blah. I really hate how opportunistic the news gets sometimes ya know! Eh well, work beckons and I need to install a new moron’s laptop. That’s the one thing I hate about this place. We give complete morons these souped up laptops and they don’t even know how to turn it on?!?! Like check out this one I am setting up. It’s a pIII 933MHz with like 256MB of RAM, 30GB drive, DVD/CDRW drive, GeForce display card. You wanna know what they need it for?? To log onto AOL and check one silly webpage, that’s it! Nothing else! Christ… Eh well, welcome to corporate america folks! Hehe…