Ahhhhh l’amour…. =)

You know? There’s absolutely nothing better than the smile of a beautiful woman you love with all your life to make all of your day’s woes take a back seat. Not much to chat about tonight other than I have the day all to myself at work tomorrow, woooo! My lazy ass will be on-line chatting all day long! Woo hah!

I must also thank and apologize to Kira for her guestbook entry and the comments I made about the peeps in Arizona. Not all of ya are ass backwards poopers, but I still think that whole bomb dropping sound clip was a bit out of taste. 😉 Definitely check out her site though. Really good reading there and way cool design!

So anwayz, Karen sent me these a hilarious file, this cute little spoof on safe sex. Hah! Get it?!?!? Ok, it’s corny. Blame her. 😉