Are you the master of your domain??


The masturbation episode of Seinfeld is on right now and Elaine just plopped down her hundred bucks!!! Man I miss this damn show too much… McGreevy won as Joisey’s head bitch in charge so I suppose this is a good thing. I actually didn’t vote this time around because I think all of the candidates (except for the independent dood, Schluter or something along those lines) are all fucking morons who couldn’t keep a KMart in order let alone this state. Eh well, I give this idiot one month to have everyone in this state hate him.

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and it is still fresh in my mind. So I shall pose it to everyone out there in fun land to ponder as well. The topic of our discussion was the definition of passion. To really describe it, we were both left speechless. I mean the way she described it, it sounded a lot like love but it really isn’t love. Love is a positive: happy and smooshy feeling. Passion can also be a very negative feeling, like a passionate angry person in a fight. To me passion is more encompassing of the rawest emotions: love, happiness, hatred, jealousy. I mean you can be passionate about your job, your lifestyle, sex, or even when screaming in anger towards someone, so how do you define that?? My closest guestimate (yes, that’s a tech-ism) would be having a strong emotion towards something, but then it sounds like such a crappy definition of that word so we’re back to square one. Oh well, one of these days I’ll find a worthy meaning for that word.

Wow! You know something? That new show 24 is pretty freagin’ sweet! I must say it had my attention throughout the entire episode and I love that whole mini-plot thing it is trying to do… I’m freagin’ addicted now after only one show! Eh well, there goes Buffy for at least one season (well, I can still tape ’em and WTF is up with them singing in this recent episode? Are they that desperate for a plot?) If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, it’s playing again Friday night on Fox networks. Definitely try and see it. And that new Sprint/AOL instant messenger commercial with the monkeys is soooooooooooo hilarious!! Have ya seen it yet!?!? Oh well, my ass is sleepy and tired (yes, this log entry took me almost 4 hours to create, shut up) so I shall bid you all adieu.