Trick or treat, smell my feet!

Well well well…

Looks like nothing major happened yesterday except for a big lack of trick or treaters everywhere I drove. That’s all everyone at my job complained of after they spent tons on getting candy for the tikes. I think it’s a damn shame when kids can’t enjoy a good day like Halloween, but at least “The Great Pumpkin” was on for all to enjoy. It’s been sooooo long since I saw that Peanuts special that it brought back so many cool memories. Mostly of coming back home and enjoying the night’s loot while watching that special.

Well, the Hilton I stayed at yesterday wasn’t half bad. The coolest part was that they had an original Nintendo there, so we were playing Super Mario Brothers! What pissed me off the most was that they had LAN jacks installed in the room, so I could of had a wicked fast connection surfing the net… Yah yah yah, I know… I’m a geek… Screw off! 😉 The best part of the night though is that I had dinner at Evelyn’s which is this awesome Lebanese restaurant in the middle of New Brunswick. Let’s see, I had some tabouleh, bah bah ganoujh (sp?) hummus, grape leaves and a big fat ass falafel! However, eating there made me realize how much I miss living down there. See, while attending college (back in ’93) till this past summer I was living in the New Brunswick area for roughly 5-6 years, so I got very used to the lifestyle there. Being a college town, New Brunswick is a very diverse area with different things to do and places to eat which kinda keeps ya busy. With me being a huge “let’s try new foods” fan that I am, I loved it there.

When I moved away, I was pretty psyched because I am a 2 minute car drive into New York City and all of the good stuff there is to do there, but I still missed the New Brunswick area. So I made a vow that by next June, (I hope at least) I will be living in the area again. Granted it’ll put NYC about 30 miles away, it’ll still take me less than a half hour for me to get in like it did before. Ummm… Granted there’s no traffic at the tunnels.

OMG!!!! Karen just e-mailed me this image!!! How lucky is this guy?!?! He took a photo with Asia at the New York City anime convention last week!!! Dammit, I wish I were more of an anime fan!