Jimmy walker… Used to say dyn-o-mite!

Man this show Scrubs is so eff’ing hilarious! To make things better, Jimmy Walker is on it (I thought he died of an OD)!!! DYN-O-MITE!. The Yanks are up 1-0 now so that’s cool as well. They got their asses handed to them this weekend but I expected it with the pitchers they faced.

I’m also gettin my ass kicked by Lynne here at dominoes (450-240) on Yahoo! To think just a few days ago she didn’t even know how to play by the right rules. Now she’s spanking me left and right (and not in a good way too)! Jeez, I created a monster here…

Ok, so WTF is up with this “Don’t go to the mall on Halloween” thing?? I’ve heard this ridiculous statement by so many people now that I’m wondering where this information is readily available? Can someone please clue me in as to what the deal is with this? So I take it the terrorists will be wreaking havoc at your local Bath and Body Works? Or better yet, every Abercrombie and Fitch will be blown up to smithereens? Hmmm, as a matter of fact I really would like to see that, I’ve always hated that cheesy ass store. While they are at it, they should also off the Old Navy and the Gap stores as well. Keep away from the Banana Republic though! I like the clothes in there and I saw this pair of pants I want to pick up next week after my ass gets paid.

Oh shit, tonight’s Mischief Night!!! Dammit! Man I just washed my car today too! Please please please let my car be egg/shaving cream free tomorrow when I see it… Man I miss going out and causing all sorts of hell on Mischief Night. Well, hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! My ass is going be in East Brunswick staying at the Hilton. 🙂 I even tried to book the room and saved 150 bucks! Who woulda known? Stay at a super fucking sweet hotel like that for only 54 bucks!! Hehe…

Well, I need a shave and Lynne just beat my sorry ass 505-245, so I bid you all adieu.