It’s called diclosure you dickhead!

Still recovering from this weekend… Still way too tired and I don’t even wanna be @ work now! Just wanna be snuggled up in bed with the windows wide open and under a comforter. Oh well, this pays the bills.

So let’s see, this weekend I drove up to the Palisade’s Mall with Devina to check the place out. I must admit I was quite impressed with that mall which is a lot to say because I hate malls with a passion. But every store I wanted was in the place. I got two sets of speakers and a notebook LAN card for myself at the Best Buy. Then we hit the Target to look for those little plastic hook thingies you put in the bathroom which we didn’t find either way. Then we went to see Iron Monkey at their theatres. The movie itself was not too bad and I really liked the cheesy fight scenes, but I am still way too spoiled by the Loews down in New Brunswick. I just can’t seem to find a theatre that can compare with the New Brunswick one. 🙁 The seats at this theatre we went to were just as cushy, but the sound really sucked ass and the place was just too small. Eh well, it’s not like I go to to movies every weekend or something, so who cares.

The best part of the mall stay was when we hit the Barnes and Noble to look around for books to buy and we went insane. First off, we went to the language section and I laid my eyes upon the best book I have ever seen in my life! I forgot what it’s called, but it shows you how to talk dirty in seven different languages!! Hey, you’ll never know when you have to yell out “Why not grab that whip for me” in Portugese or German right?? Alas I did not spend all of my money on similar smut… I also got a really kick ass Looney Tunes book as well as three Star Trek series books (DS9, TNG, and Voyager) to completely satiate the inner geek in me. The look I got from the very cute cashier was priceless as she scanned the eclectic set of books I was looking to buy. I wonder what was going through her mind??

After the movie we went to our usual pool spot, Herberts and played roughly 5 games of pool and swilled down our usual brews (Sam Adams for me and Guiness for her). One of the coolest things about my relationship with Devina is that the trash talkin’ never ends (especially when we are in the middle of a nice and hearty contest).

Of course I kicked her ass thoroughly, (5-zippo) so it looked like my trash talkin’ worked.

The next day I chilled at home mostly watching movie favorites of mine which included The Princess Bride, Trading Places and My Cousin Vinny. Now, I must admit that Marisa Tomei is such a major hottie in that movie… Especially in that scene where they are in that hotel room and they get into the dialogue about the torque and the leaky faucet!! *shudder* Oh man, she can talk shop with me anytime!