Lights, camera… Action!

Ok, how cool can this be???

I get home today and notice that there is no parking allowed on my street. Then I notice that there are 9 cars that look like the car that Sylvester Stallone drove in Cobra parked right in front of my house. So, I come upstairs and ask why no one is allowed to park on the street and why the kick ass cars are parked outside. It turns out they are filming a segment for a movie right on our corner!!! See, what sucks the most about this is that my sorry ass will be @ work wondering which star will be walking down my block… How cool can that be?!?! Could it be Samuel Jackson? Or how about Demi Moore? Ooooh or Mr. Pink himself, Steve Buschemi? Or Salma Hayek??!! Oh yeah! That’s what daddy wants… 🙂

Well, not much has been going on in the last few days here on this end other than bug fixes and random hang outs (jeez, I am such a geek). I’m looking to set up a new feature that I hope takes off… Think of it as an exchange for CD mixes for those of you who like to burn your own CDs such as myself. I want to be able to show all of my CDs which I have made and have everyone else add their mixes as well. Kinda like a sharing service in a half-assed sort of way. Well, I’ll be working on it this weekend hopefully.

I finally got our DSL modem and had the biggest bitch of a time getting it to work. But it’s a pretty cool modem actually, almost like a brouter (bridge router to be exact). Not only is it a modem, but it also has the ability to control a small LAN. So for you techie types, I shall explain further… For you non-techie types, skip down to the next paragraph.

It’s got a built-in DHCP server, so I tweaked it a bit to control the 3 machines we have in this house (my sis’s, my bro’s and my laptop). I hooked it up to the up link on my 8-port 10/100 switch, which then goes out to each of our PC’s. Then on each PC we have NeoWatch running as the firewall software and wouldn’t ya know it?? 3 minutes after the install, people are already sniffing out port 25, 21, 23, and like 10 other ones… Damn!!! These guys truly have no lives! Fortunately, no outside ports are open so we’re fairly safe… Dammit, some pig fucker just tried to pingbomb me!!! Eh well. Who cares, they can’t take me down. Gotta love Win2k! Ok, now that the geek babble is over with, let’s just say I am very happy with the speedy DSL connection. Hell it’s faster than the shitty ass connection we have @ work?!?! Sick ain’t it?

This freaking hot ass weather has me so depressed… I hate warm weather of any type and this weather is no exception. I want it to get cold!!! Screw this damn Indian summer bullshit, I want it nice and chilly! I want to be able to snuggle up in my comforter while I am asleep and wake up to a nice and cold floor. Isn’t that the best though, you get the comforter nice and warm from the dryer all smelling Downy fresh and blam!!!! Jump right in and go to snooze land… Call me sick if you want, but that’s how I like it. Well, it doesn’t seem to warm out so I’m opening the windows and hittin’ the hay! See y’all tomorrow!