So today, I am nicely going through fixin’ up some of my code making things all pretty and presentable. As I finish saving stuff from the development site and moving it to the live (this one) site, I run my usual tests to make sure I didn’t break anything and I get the dreaded javascript error!

I decide to be lazy and work on it when I get back to my place tonight. Thus my weary ass drives down to Bridegwater Commons to go watch Zoolander with Devina. The theatres there pretty much suck ass (General Cinema or something along those lines), but that’s all because I am very spoiled by the enormous Loews theatres in New Brunswick. The screen was way too small, the seats didn’t recline well enough, the sound was horrible, so it didn’t set the stage for me to enjoy this movie. Zoolander was a very stupid flick, but it did have some freaking hilarious moments in it. They reminded me of what Austin Powers would have been like if the director was tripping on some good ‘shrooms. Will Farrell (AKA Alex Trebek on SNL) and Jerry Stiller (AKA George’s dad on Seinfeld) really did make the movie for me though. Those guys are just too funny when you put them in the right situations. I would recommend watching this movie if you’re in one of those really stupid weed-induced gleeful highs. Otherwise, wait for it to come out on DVD. Thank god those tix were free! 🙂

Anyway, I’m really tired when I get back to my place, so I still decide to work on the coding problem from earlier in the day. After sifting through the hundreds of lines of code I have for this site, I couldn’t find anything wrong with my code. However, after a brilliant stroke of luck (and after wolfing down some rather tasty Goya flan) I decided to look in the database and sure enough… A stray piece of shit worthless little peon of a tick mark cause my hours of debugging anguish.