Nooo! Not my balls!

Ever do something really stupid in public where when the people help you out, you feel even more stupid??

Check out what genius Dave did today. Devina wound up driving up to meet me at my place, so we then decided to head out to Mitsuwas to grab some take-out Japanese… I must admit I wasn’t impressed at all with their Chirashi. It sucked ass to put it lightly, but what can ya do right?

Afterwards, we head on out to the golf driving range that’s right next to Mitsuwas and she wants to go up on the second floor. Mind you I have a pseudo fear of heights, (she doesn’t know this) so I am never crazy about hitting golf balls from there. However, I decide to tough it up and head on to the second floor. When we get there, we set up next to each other and I go to get some golf balls. Now, while still fairly nervous, I go to the “golf ball giver” machine, place the tokens in and watch in horror as the balls magically fall all over the floor because Dave the Tool forgot to get the bucket.

Yes, yes, you may all laugh now because that’s just what I did…

To make matters worse, the 5 guys all driving around me start smirking and picking up my balls that just happened to stray in their direction… Adding insult to injury, some nice lady gave me a bucket to put the balls in and asked “Don’t you need this?” How fucking sweet of her eh?? So after that fiasco, it actually went very well! I didn’t shank the ball or anything… All nice and clean hits. Perhaps one of these days I should actually play golf!

The rest of the day was pretty good. We got to watch one of my all-time fave movies, Trading Places and later on I hopped on-line to catch up with old friends. Get this, I’m talking to Lynne and Nic from sends me a message thanking me for linking her and complimenting my site!