Where is the Astro Glide?!?!

Today was a very good day for yours truly… 😉

Woke up fairly late and proceeded to get ready to head on down south to spend the day with Devina. I drop by the local CVS down there to pick up a box of Altoids and a small inconspicuous bottle of AstroGlide.

By now you can pretty much figure out how the day’s gonna turn out…

So I get to the counter and the poor salesgirl took a look at the bottle and just absolutely flipped!! You’d think I whipped out the hog or something by how she reacted to seeing the bottle. She even had to get her manager to ring everything up for me because she was too red-faced to even look in my direction. Now I personally don’t give a crap nor do I get embarrassed by getting items of an intimate nature, but I find it really odd that someone could act that way and work in a pharmacy… I mean for Christ’s sake, what if some poor nervous 15 year old comes to her with a box of condoms?!?! She’ll give the poor kid a complex! Ya know, if you get freaked out by such items perhaps you should work in a more appropriate environment. I would absolutely love to take out that sales girl to the Pink Pussycat over on West 4th in the village and see her reaction to that place! I can see it now…

Me: “Hey check out them Leopard print handcuffs and that dildo!”
Her: *screams* *faints* *thud*

Well anyway, I left that place chuckling and I decided to listen to the radio for a little bit when I heard a car beeping behind me. Thinking it was someone wanting to get into my spot, I just waved them off. So they decided to pull up right next to me and beep again… Now with middle finger fully armed, I turned around to see my ex Steph and her friend samar in Steph’s shiny new blue Mercedes C230 (or was it a 320) beeping right at me! Fully surprised, I get out of my car and we exchange our pleasantries. Then I get to check out her new ride. Man it was one fucking sweet ass car…

After that, I finally got my ass to Devina’s place and we wound up playing pool after eating a very nice meal she cooked for me. Again my shiny new black cue (I should give it a name shouldn’t I?) reigned supreme! We watched some of that Concert for New York and was really shocked to see The Who reunited once again! They of course kicked ass…

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Hey Boobie!, Ouch!! my virgin ears!! Ok but seriously. I know everyone is going to laugh at me when I ask this, but here it goes anywayz: What the hell is Astroglide? Please respond promptly for it might be a matter of life of death, lol. By the way, cool counter underneath the comment box. See ya soon


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