I smell sex and candy

Holy shit!

Today’s Wednesday?!?! I thought it was Tuesday, you know I did find it very odd that Buffy was on yesterday (when I thought it was Monday), so I guess that explains it… Jeez… I’m gettin old… Gonna need dentures soon. Now the question I wanna know is what the hell did I do on Monday? Oh well, I better not ask, if I forgot it was for a good reason.

Well, if you have noticed the dates between the first and last posts, they are a bit off. Been workin’ a lot on updating the separate areas on this site and also other personal stuff. BUT I did manage to keep a private journal on my laptop that I’ll just copy over whenever my ass gets back home. As for the updates, the guestbook works (and it only took about an hour to create from scratch!), the comments area works and all of the nicey nice security checks as well…

So tonight, I’m hanging out with Karen finally and we’re going to get some grub and have some drinks! Yay! Haven’t seen her in way too long of a time… That cutie is a barrel of laughs and I miss hanging out with her soooooooooo much. Perhaps she’ll get to meet Devina too if she gets out of her karate class early enough.

So anywayz, Lynne finally got her new layout up and as expected, it kicks ass! This time it’s a Sarah McLachlan theme, which of course is good because I worship the woman… She can sing me to bed anytime! So anywayz check out Lynne’s page, it’s worth it. 🙂

Vanessa has also put up a new layout! I used to work with her at my old job at Rutgers but I don’t think she A) remembers me or B) knows I am an avid fan of her journal page… Hmmm… Perhaps I should write her an e-mail just to see how she’s doing. Yup yup, I’ll do that tonight or tomorrow (if my sorry ass remembers). She was definitely a hell of alotta fun to chill with when I had the free time at my old job.

Well… My ass is leavin’ now and soon to be waiting in traffic on the turnpike going to meet up with Karen, so I bid you all adieu. Hopefully on my drive I’ll remember what the fuck I did on Monday.