110 in 10

I remember seeing something like this on a blog a couple of years ago and can’t seem to find it anymore, but thought it was an absolutely amazing idea. Below is a list of some things I want to do in my life within the next 10 years. Sure the list and time seem rather ominous, but I think I can take care of a huge chunk of these items and it would be nice to look back after 10 years (assuming I’m still blogging) to see what I have accomplished. Granted a lot of these tasks are not “life event” types of thing. sometimes it’s the small things that matter. Also, I have never done a great deal of these things like fly a kite or go camping, so it’ll be very cool to do. Please bear in mind that I couldn’t find a way to randomize this list after I alphabetized it, so the order doesn’t necessarily mean one is more preferential than the other. However, it’ll be much easier for me to find and mark as done. =)

I’ll place this as a permanent link along the side, (and in my memories) so that I can keep track of them. I’ll edit the entries with the dates (and web links) of each event as they’re done…

  1. Be a member of a television show audience
  2. Beat my friend Al at pool
  3. Beat my friend Al in tennis
  4. Bike from one end of Route 9A in North Jersey to New York State, and back
  5. Build a snowman with my children
  6. Buy a big old pool table to have sex on, oh and to play too
  7. Buy a house
  8. Buy a kitten
  9. Buy a shirt that says “I’m with stupid”
  10. Change someone else’s flat tire while I’m out driving
  11. Climb a mountain or perhaps a a very very very large rock
  12. Cook a full course dinner for each of my close friends
  13. Cook a Thanksgiving feast for my family
  14. Do donuts in a snow covered parking lot
  15. Fly a kite with a good friend
  16. Get a new car
  17. Get back to my ideal weight of 170-180 and get back my six-pack
  18. Get married
  19. Get my brother his first freshman year beer Damn, was not able to do this. 🙁
  20. Get my own apartment and stay there for a small while (08.01.2007): Yeah baby!
  21. Get Slashdotted
  22. Go camping and fishing for a weekend
  23. Go paint balling again
  24. Go skiing or snow boarding in Vermont
  25. Go skinny dipping with a friend or two or three
  26. Go to a “Mostly Mozart” symphony in NYC
  27. Go to a florist in a major city, buy a dozen roses and hand them to 12 random women
  28. Go to a horse race
  29. Go to a major sporting event (08.31.2006): US Open baby!!
  30. Go to a real haunted house and hang out there for a while
  31. Go to a Renaissance festival
  32. Go to a Star Trek convention
  33. Go to a strip club
  34. Go to an S&M bar/club
  35. Go to NYC and watch an opera
  36. Go to the “Museum of Natural History” in NYC (03.26.2007): Went with Tasha and her hubby!
  37. Go to the “Smithsonian” in DC
  38. Go up in a hot air balloon
  39. Have a baby or two
  40. Have another one night stand or two
  41. Have sex in a government building
  42. Have sex in a moving car
  43. Have sex in an amusement park
  44. Join the “Mile High” club
  45. Join the local volunteer fire department (1.10.2006): Taking CERT classes now, on my way… wooo!
  46. Kiss a woman on the first date
  47. Learn how to dance salsa (01.12.2006): Took my first lesson and man was it fun!
  48. Learn how to juggle
  49. Learn how to make flan (10.30.2006): Devina finally showed me!
  50. Learn how to properly ice and or roller skate
  51. Learn how to sing while playing my guitar
  52. Learn how to ski and not fall into mud
  53. Learn how to snow board
  54. Learn how to swing dance
  55. Learn how to swim
  56. Leave on my web cam for a week when I reach my ideal weight so I can parade around in my skippies
  57. Make a “home video” with a significant other
  58. Make my own beer
  59. Make my own wine
  60. Meet a farmer’s daughter
  61. Meet a porn star
  62. Own my own tuxedo
  63. Own the entire series of Star Trek: TNG, DS9 and Voyager on DVD
  64. Participate in the Halloween Parade in the Village
  65. Pay down all of my credit card bills and old debts
  66. Pick up jogging
  67. Plant a tree
  68. Play a real game of golf
  69. Play a tennis game at Arthur Ashe Stadium (if it’s at all possible)
  70. Recreate this
  71. Roast chestnuts over an open fire
  72. Roast marshmallows over a campfire telling ghost stories
  73. See what all of this hype regarding line dancing is all about
  74. Shave my head completely bald (08.02.2006): Tried it for a month, got too expensive. Just buzzing it from now on.
  75. Sit on an office chair and set off a fire extinguisher
  76. Smoke a joint with a good bunch of friends
  77. Spend a weekend in Mulkiteo, Washington at the hotel I stayed at before overlooking the lake
  78. Start up my sex and relationship web site again
  79. Take a cruise to Alaska and see the Northern Lights
  80. Take a cruise to someplace warm, but not hot
  81. Take a cruise to the Scandinavian region
  82. Take a few cooking courses at a nearby school
  83. Take a road trip across the US to Vegas with a group of friends
  84. Take a road trip down to New Orleans during Mardi Gras with a group of friends
  85. Take a road trip down to Texas to see if they really make good chili
  86. Take on-line college courses to finally finish my degree
  87. Throw a TV or something large and electronic off a roof
  88. Throw or attend a masquerade party
  89. Travel and camp out at the Grand Canyon
  90. Travel down to North Carolina to visit one of my bestest buds, Lindsey
  91. Travel down to the DC area to visit Nicole and see her baby son.
  92. Travel to Australia to visit one of my closest buds, Lynne
  93. Travel to Brazil for Carnival
  94. Travel to Germany for Oktoberfest
  95. Travel to Japan
  96. Travel to Maine and stay at a log cabin overlooking a lake
  97. Travel to Montreal for a weekend
  98. Travel to Oregon to visit one of my bestest buds, Jenna
  99. Travel to Phillipines to visit my friend Penny and her husband
  100. Travel to space (if at all remotely possible in 10 year’s time)
  101. Try and visit all 50 states
  102. Try to get in touch with my old friend Tasha again. I miss her terribly (09.2006): Got a message from her on MySpace of all places!
  103. Visit a spa and get a massage by a professional
  104. Volunteer my time at a soup kitchen
  105. Volunteer my time at an old folk’s home
  106. Watch a performance of “Tea at Five” starring Kate Mulgrew
  107. Watch my little brother graduate high school (06.28.2006): Yee haw!
  108. Watch my sister get married (06.09.2007): Yee haw!
  109. Watch The GodFather I, II and III
  110. Wear bright yellow socks with a black suit for the hell of it

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Hehe. Most avid geeks read a webzine (in a way sort of) called SlashDot (linked in the right sidebar). If anyone ever gets linked from there you pretty much become an instant celeb in the geek world. Plus it has the uncanny ability to completely bring down most websites than can’t handle the extra load of people coming in from /.

It’s called the “ShashDot effect” or being “SlashDotted.” =)

Go to a florist in a major city, buy a dozen roses and hand them to 12 random women

I love it! Be sure to dress up when you do it though. 🙂

Go to an S&M bar/club

I’d love to visit one of those or a swingers club. I’m a huge voyeur, so I think it would be very interesting to check one of those places out.

Learn how to dance salsa, or dance anything for that matter

This one is *very* easy – find a place that offers classes. If this fat white girl can learn how to merengue, you can too. 🙂

Visit a spa and get a massage by a professional

Once you do this, you’ll be addicted. It feels *so* nice.

What a great list!

I love it! Be sure to dress up when you do it though. 🙂

Hehe… =) Perhaps with my black suit and yellow socks! =)

I’d love to visit one of those or a swingers club. I’m a huge voyeur, so I think it would be very interesting to check one of those places out.

Me too, but I hear single guys are frowned upon in those places. Eh well, if you ever go to one, lemme know! =)

I want to learn how to make flan, too. I’ve been eating them since I was 2 (as far as what my mom told me) and I never knew how to make them considering how easy it is to do so.

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