100 things

I managed to rustle this up off of my old database when I had my blog on a Windows server a few years ago (updated of course). I figured someone may learn a thing or three more about me that they do not currently know…

Yes, I know I am short on that one hundred mark. It’s a work in progress, yeah that’s it… A work in progress!

Enjoy and feel free to add your two cents as well!

  1. Most people refer to me as being a “neat freak,” I prefer to say that I enjoy keeping a tidy environment.
  2. I was born in the fabulous year that was 1975, on the same date as Ice-T, LeVar Burton and John McEnroe. This is also the day Fidel became the leader of Cuba.
  3. I never know when I am being flirted with, which seems to annoy my girlfriends.
  4. I’m horrifically shy around people I do not know or just met.
  5. I love watching cartoons. Especially Futurama, Family Guy, The Simpsons, most of the 80’s ones and Dexter’s Laboratory.
  6. I love Star Trek and watch it every single chance I get, which also seems to annoy my girlfriends. Except for Ada and Devina, they’re a pseudo-Trekkies too.
  7. Speaking of Ada, when we lived together, a gay guy (forgot his name) offered me a ton of gifts and pay my rent for a date with him. If he were a lot better looking, I may have taken him up on his offer.
  8. By the way thanks to Ada, I am not able to sleep comfortably unless I am hugging another person or a pillow. Damn her incredible cuddliness.
  9. I met, chatted with and ate food prepared by the “Iron Chef” Masaharu Morimoto at his restaurant in Philly. See!
  10. I’m addicted to watching The Science Channel, National Geographic, The History Channel and Discovery Channel. I can not stand just about every “reality show” there is out there.
  11. I actually enjoy watching PBS, especially the cooking shows, This Old House or Nova.
  12. I was a fan of MTV back when they only played videos and the Headbangers Ball. I even saw the very first video broadcast on MTV. Do you know which one it was?
  13. I think it’s a tragic shame that space shuttle launches are not appreciated or viewed with awe anymore unless something awful happens.
  14. I have been involved with computers since I was in the 6th grade. I’ve been everything from helpdesk, to a web developer and finally settled with network administration. I’ll most likely be a CIO or similar some years down the line.
  15. In high school, I was a student research scientist at Stevens Institute of Technology and also at Hoffman-La Roche during the summers of my junior and senior years.
  16. At Stevens, I did early research on this. At Roche, I worked on developing a better antihistamine and played with sulfuric acid on all sorts of items.
  17. I passed out for 4 hours once from working with a really foul smelling chemical used to add new amino acids to existing protein chains at Roche. Let me tell you the headache I had. Woof!
  18. I’ve driven 4 times in two years from New Brunswick, New Jersey to Orlando, Florida. The reason why? Why hot sex of course! Actually, it was to visit my best friend Tasha, but we did have some really hot sex!
  19. Coincidentally, she is my oldest friend. We met back in the 6th grade.
  20. The last time I drove back home from Orlando, I did it in 18 hours straight with no stopping for rest and in a blizzard from Maryland to Jersey.
  21. I name my more expensive personal items after the first names of Asian porn actresses. Asia (Carrera) was my blue Fender Strat, Sung Hi (Lee) is my black ESP M-55 and Tera (Patrick) is the name of my Nissan Altima. I’m still waiting to name something Mika (Tan), Lyla (Lei) and Lady Mai.
  22. I don’t know how to dance. Yeah I know, it’s sad for a Latino to not know how to dance.
  23. My very first sexual fantasy was when I was 5 years old. I wanted to paint this girl I had a crush on blue and then have sex with her… Don’t ask why she had to be blue, maybe I had a thing for Smurfette at the time.
  24. I get pretty depressed during the summer months because I do not deal well with warm weather. To quote Devina, I turn into an angry bear.
  25. For you astrological types, I’m an Aquarius.
  26. I am an INTJ. What does that mean? Lots of psychological related terms that actually kind of fit. Look it up!
  27. Seeing men not open doors for ladies really gets to me.
  28. I really hate my feet getting wet if I am not in a shower or pool of some sort.
  29. I almost died three times. Really.
  30. My middle name is Gustavo. I do not like it…
  31. I love eating baby food. Every once in a while when I am shopping I will hit the baby food isle and stock up on some grub. My favorites are the jars of pureed carrots and bananas.
  32. I do not like drinking soda unless it’s Sprite.
  33. I also hate coffee, though I have learned to appreciate a good Cuban or Columbian espresso after a big meal. Italian espressos taste like week old diner coffee allowed to ferment in shit.
  34. I do not like the sight of a dirty window. Looking through them infuriates me and I’ll stop what I am doing to clean them to my satisfaction.
  35. Up until I was 16 years old, I had no clue what the toilet seat was for and lifted it up to do all of my duties. When my girlfriend at the time found out, she couldn’t stop laughing for weeks.
  36. I used to work at the local Pathmark as a lowly cashier when I was 15. I made it a habit of ringing up a 200 dollar shopping bill to a mere 50 bucks, especially if my mom was in my line.
  37. One gentleman was so appreciative of his small bill, he offered me his daughter. Yes, you read that right, his daughter.
  38. He came by with her the very next night I was working. She was rather homely looking, so I politely declined the date he offered me with her. Last I heard, she’s a high price stripper now in Miami. /sigh
  39. I went to the Rutgers University College of Pharmacy for my collegiate schooling.
  40. I gave up free rides to three other colleges to be with my then g/f Barbara at Rutgers.
  41. I spent so much time in the computer rooms at RU, I got kicked out of the College of Pharmacy. Then, I partied and drank so much at RU, I got kicked out of the school my junior year.
  42. I learned so much about computers while I was in RU, that I started working for the Rutgers computer facilities. I went into management my second year at the RU labs.
  43. When I was senior manager during the summer my last year, we spent all night playing Quake against a bunch people at Berkeley College in California for three months straight.
  44. I listen to all types of music regularly, though hard rock, metal and 80’s music are my favorites.
  45. I really dislike most country and Enya. They have no place on this world. However I must admit that country has the hottest female singers hands down. Too bad there aren’t more brunettes in that bunch.
  46. I cried hard and for a long time the day Stevie Ray Vaughn died.
  47. I grew to like Pet Shop Boys because my freshman year roommate and close friend, Al played them over and over and over. And over and over and over and over…
  48. I was a metal head in high school, complete with long hair, ripped jeans and a jean jacket full of artists’ patches.
  49. I don’t like going to the movie theatres at night because of the noise thug wannabe make while I’m there or the bunches of screaming 5 year-old kids that thoughtful parents take to R-rated movies.
  50. I enjoy playing tennis, though my friend Al has a tendency to beat me mercilessly all the freaking time I have a chance to play with him.
  51. My dream job is to be the head chef of a restaurant which is overlooking an ocean on a cliff.
  52. I’m a cat person and despise dogs. They’re filthy animals…
  53. Text or IM me… I hate phones and try not to use them if not an absolute necessity
  54. I get all sorts of weirded out while watching live shellfish fight each other, though I will merrily watch someone being disemboweled on TV.
  55. I love watching birds, especially when they start fighting each other.
  56. I was baptized as a Mormon when I was a wee lad. However, I do not believe any of the organized religions out there have it “right” and I do not follow them.
  57. I used to run an advice column called Dear Dave and was invited to be on Oprah because of it. Unfortunately, my boss did not allow me to take off to go to the taping of the episode.
  58. I am the oldest of three children. My little brother just finished his junior year of high school. My sister just started working as a nurse.
  59. I have always felt guilty at the fact that I am the reason my dad dropped out of school, which makes me more ashamed that I have not finished college myself.
  60. I have never seen any of the Godfather movies and have no real inkling to watch them as well.
  61. My first language was Spanish. I learned English by watching Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
  62. I can’t really drink tequila anymore because of my last incident with a bottle of Cuervo and my ex-roomie Shell. Who by the way has a fantastic ass. /grins
  63. One time in one of my freshman year drunken fits at a New Brunswick club, I threw a newspaper stand at my friend Al. I think he still has the scars on his leg.
  64. Another time, I got a hold of a floor mate’s (real samurai) sword and ran around swinging it like I was the damn Highlander.
  65. My shortest relationship was roughly a year and a half.
  66. My longest relationship was a little over 8 years
  67. My best male friend’s (at the time) 17th birthday present for me was getting a girl he knew to have sex with me and take my virginity.
  68. After all was said and done, all that popped into my head was “That’s it?!” I didn’t have sex again until my first girlfriend. Looking back, I definitely should have waited until that day.
  69. I have only been to two concerts my entire life. The first one was free and I saw Marcy Playground, Fastball and Everclear with my ex-girlfriend, Steph.
  70. I also got to see Ben Stiller and Janeane Garofalo there as well. Steph still makes fun of me because of the way I yelled out Janeane’s name when I saw her, “JEANEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENE!”.
  71. My second concert was The Roots, who opened up for Santana, who opened up for Dave Matthews Band.
  72. There is absolutely nothing better than watching Dave Matthews band perform All Along the Watchtower with Santana playing the guitar and giving all of us a heavenly 20 minute guitar solo.
  73. I have been admitted to the hospital only three times in my life. All three of them were for food poisoning and I needed to be rehydrated.
  74. I scare people in my car when I drive around in New York City.
  75. I have since calmed down in the way I drive, especially after my last accident where my car was totaled. I was rear-ended, then spun-out, slammed into the divider, bounced off only to have him hit me on the driver side and pushed down the road about a quarter of a mile before he stopped. He was probably drunk and took off when he saw that I was able to walk out of my car with only a scratch on my arm.
  76. The fuck face didn’t realize his license plate broke off his car and was lying on the street waiting for me to pick it up.
  77. I am fiendishly addicted to any type of candy except licorice
  78. I have lived in New Jersey for the entirety of my life.
  79. Only once have I left the country on a trip and that was to visit family in Honduras.
  80. It was also during that trip that I suffered my only broken bone in my life. My leg as I was playing soccer in the street.
  81. I love the smell of a burning match.
  82. Oddly enough I kind of like the smell of skunks.
  83. Twice in my life, I slept with women who were just about twice my age. Maybe this is why I have a thing for older women… Heh.
  84. There is nothing better than a nice dirty martini, I dare you to tell me differently if you have ever had a good one.
  85. I feel more at home in a large crowd type of setting. Small parties and one on one situations make me feel pretty uncomfortable unless I know the person in a more than just acquaintance way.
  86. I think I am developing something of a man crush on both Gordon Ramsey and Alton Brown.

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I honestly couldn’t think of a 100 things to say about myself… but i’m impressed that you can! 🙂

btw, i’m a fellow aquarian, astrology buff type 🙂

wow, so many amazing similairtys, like #3, SRV, Web stuff, Metalhead, and I’m a contractor currently at….

Hoffmann-La Roche, Nutley NJ

Nice list, Id have to think about that for myself, given some time, I might be able to.

I worked at Roche in Nutley about 9 yrs ago.

How did you think of that many things to write! 😛
This would be fun to do, but I’m afraid I don’t have that much excitement in my life to think of 100 things about me. lol

Oh cool! Which building? I used to work in the big building that looked like a huge radiator and the one diagally across from it heading towards the main parking lot.

Yeah… Once during college driving home at 4am after some hard partying in NYC, I was super sleepy on the Turnpike and I was headed right for the the guardrail’s opening (the ones that allows cops to cross the truck and car lanes) and I woke up just in time to swerve and smack my car into the guard rail and bounce a few times on the road before landing upside down. If I didn’t wake up, I would have slammed nose-first into that section doing around 95mph.

The second was when I was a little kid I stuck a screwdriver into a electrical socket and well, stuff happened.

The third was when I was a teen at my parent’s place. I got up an a very unstable chair to reach something for my mom, I lost my balance and fell off the chair and on my way down I missed a knife jutting out of a cabinet from going through my neck by a some inches. Instead it grazed (sliced) the side of my neck and then the chair fell back on my lip splitting it in half. Not a pretty site, but thankful nonetheless…

🙂 Like I mentioned to _glamazon above, it’s actually pretty easy once you get past the first few. They kind of lead into one another. 🙂 I’d love to read a “100 things” about you and everyone else on my friends list. 🙂

Wow so…you have what? 6 lives left?


You have one excellent guardian angel that’s all I have to say!

Hehe, that or I am living on hyper-extended borrowed time. Kind of like how some people transfer their credit card $$$ from one card to another… Yeap, that’s me. 🙂

I got to #9 and am so jealous right now I hate you 😛
Damnit if you go there again can i come? I promise not to molest him too much…. pleaseeeeee

Hehe, just to add more fuel to the jealousy, I have photograph with him and my ex here. However, I’ll be more than happy to have you join me the next time I go there. 🙂

Weirdly I was forbidden access to that link …. it must of known I would have a fit of jealousy and start drooling everywhere hehe 😀 I guess the world is safe from another flood…. for now…

Oooh, I haven’t done one of these yet. I really should.

I can’t believe that you don’t like dogs!!!!

But you are (almost) forgiven for liking Dave Matthews. He is South African, you know! I also got to see him when I lived in Maryland. Was so awesome. They are one of the few bands who are almost better live than they are in the studio.

And how did you almost die?!?

Yeah, never liked dogs actually. Not sure why, though my guess is because they are so much work with the walking and all. Cats are quite self-sufficient and I can respect that. 😀

Yeah, DMB concerts are quite amazing. I have yet to meet someone who has not liked one of his shows…

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