Wha wha what??

I am completely amazed with the turn around of the MVC. I went in this morning expecting a huge line and lots of whiny people about ready to burn the place down (I’m not kidding) but instead, was greeted with something I would never imagine seeing in a Motor Vehicle office.

Smiling faces almost everywhere.

I have no clue how the former head of MVC Diane Legreide did it, but I have to say compared to the last time I got my drivers license renewed, this was an absolute pleasure. I stepped in and saw 2 people at the Info desk (in the past seeing anyone there was a rarity) who were busy shuffling people to their respective lines. I went up, showed my documents, he signed it and I went off to my line. There were roughly ten people ahead of me, but they went through the line like no one’s business. In ten minutes I was sitting back down waiting to be called for my photograph. Fifteen minutes later, I got called up and I chatted with the girl for a few minutes, then paid my twenty-four dollars and finally attempted to look pretty for my new picture. I then got to approve my picture and signature and again sat down to wait for my card. Five minutes later, she called my name, I had my nifty new digital drivers license and was on my way out the door when I was stopped by a supervisor asking me to fill a survey. While I was regaling their praises on the survey, several of the staff workers started singing “Happy Birthday” to someone who was renewing their license. It turns out at this particular MVC office, it’s a tradition for the staff to sing that song to people if they find out it’s their birthday on that day.

In and out of a New Jersey Motor Vehicle office in roughly 30 minutes with a smile on my face… I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it myself.

Proving one’s worth

Tomorrow before work I am heading off to the MVC (used to be called the DMV) to get my drivers license renewed. Luckily, there’s one around the corner from where I work so hopefully, I will not be too late. One cool thing is that Jersey has been giving out them new fangled digital drivers licenses for a couple of months already so I will most likely receive one tomorrow.

Preparing for it has been quite an adventure because there is a point system in place to qualify someone for receiving a license and essentially proving who they are. It’s crazy the amount of stuff you need to prove who you are now to the MVC: valid and certified birth certificate (they need to have a raised seal on them), cards up the wazoo, utility bills, eyes of newts, wings of bats… Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but it seems like a whole mess of new stuff since the last time I had to renew my license. I suppose it’s a good thing because of all of the security concerns, but I have heard a whole slew of horror stories with people showing up with proper documentation and still being denied. I’m coming in ultra prepared. I’ve got:

  1. My original birth certificate (with raised seal and issues by the municipality *whew*)
  2. Current drivers license
  3. Social Security card
  4. Bank statement
  5. ATM card
  6. Health insurance/prescription card
  7. Employee ID card
  8. Cable bill
  9. Checking account statement
  10. Mail received from Dept. of Education regarding my school loans

Now if I don’t get my damn drivers license with all of this stuff, I’m shooting someone in there…

Oh, in case anyone is interested in purchasing a very well maintained and pristine Dell Axim X5 (the more powerful one), head on over to eBay. I’m putting mine up along with some nifty accessories. 🙂

Bashing Pesci’s head in

Every once in a while I have rather odd dreams. Take for example, the funky one I blogged about some time ago. Yesterday I had one that probably wouldn’t top that one, but it’s just as funky.

So I’m hanging out with Devina at one of her friend’s houses. I’m not sure which friend of hers, but a friend who was throwing a barbecue nonetheless. The party is going pretty well and we’re all getting smashed drinking martinis and eating Sabrett’s hotdogs. Yeah, that mix kind of nauseates me now that I think about it, however we all were raving about how great the hot dogs were in the dream. Out of nowhere bugles blast and in walks David Boreanaz of Angel fame wearing those medieval outfits of the guys who blow the bugles that signal when important people come in. He grabs his bugle and starts playing that introduction song and in walks Joe Pesci, Robert Deniro and Andre the Giant all dress in badda bing gangster outfits. David then drops to the floor, kneels and scurries off to the hamburger area where he starts wolfing down some burgers.

Everyone in the party then starts gathering around the mafioso trio and starts kissing pinky rings like you wouldn’t believe. Devina then schmoozes her way towards DeNiro (hmmph, figures…) and they start chattin’ it up and she’s hanging all over him. The party then moves into the living room where I’m there chattin’ with Andre and some cheerleader. Devina is nestled in one corner with Bobby D talking up a storm when Pesci creeps over and starts making the moves on her. She tries to shoo him away but he’s quite persistent in trying to hook up with her. DeNiro sees this and gets up to go find another girl in the party and Andre stops talking with me and proceeds to sit in the chair where Deniro sat to keep Devina from running away. I see this and start getting upset that Pesci isn’t taking the hint.

Then for some unknown reason, the cheerleader stands up on the sofa and starts doing a cheer for Pesci and then proceeds to sit on my shoulders straddling my neck (kind of how people play chicken in a swimming pool) while continuing the cheering. I’m totally pissed off at this point and start yelling at Pesci to back off or I’ll take care of him. Andre sees this and starts laughing his ass off so bad that he starts to pee his pants. He then gets up in embarrassment and runs to the bathroom all while Pesci is still acting all “Mr. Octupus” like with Devina. So I get up, with the cheerleader still sitting on my neck cheering, and walk over to a dresser and open up the top drawer. In there is a very old bottle of Dom and I grab it. I walked over to Pesci and told him to back off and proceed to bash his head with the bottle. I hit him once and he was stunned, then hit him again and he was knocked out and finally smacked him a third time which broke the bottle on his head. I placed the busted bottle back into the dresser drawer and grabbed Devina and started to walk out with the girl still cheering on my neck…

Then I woke up.

Mind you I ate nothing weird last night except for a spinach salad and some freshly backed cookies. Why can’t I have dreams like this every night?

Like a bad trip on ‘shrooms

Woah… Tell me this doesn’t remind you of those days of listening to Floyd with your friends while sitting on the grass of an open field.


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